Goss (gossymer) wrote,

Good lordy - Dexter

Marathoned the first two season of Dexter and it felt like a more gruesome and realistic version of Death Note - y'know, if you ripped the manga in half so you didn't have to deal with the later chapters and sucky ending.

The season 2 finale was perfect and painful and GLORIOUS and...wow.

But...it's a bit too gruesome for me so if there's a season 3 - I'll probably just be satisfied with how this current season ended.

In other news I'm trying out some new browser - here are screencaps of Opera (my default browser), Maxthon, Netscape and Flock.

Maxathon builds on Internet Explorer (and gets it right, IMO) and the latter two browsers build on Gecko/Firefox. Le's see how they are :)

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