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oh happy, happy day.

Having adored maderr's slash fairytales since I first read them, I had to buy the edited and revised book of them she has up on her Lulu page.

It definitel feels like Christmas came early.

Y'know, as a kid I loved reading Cinderella, Rapunzel et all - now I hope to read slash fairytales to future kids -whether they by my own or my neices and nephews ^__^
I just had to buy the downloadable version asap and the revamped version of Main Gauche is just GORGEOUS.

*in love*
Thanks for that link! I've read about four of the stories in short order. They're the perfect antidote to badfic!
maderr has a *lot* of fantasy/fairytale fic and I particularly adore her long oneshots. I began with the fairytales and moved ont to others like Dragon Stew:

...and the ninja/pirate fic which brought two favorite types of characters together XD

I'm still trying to push myself to try out all the various fic fest entries but...I think I'm getting too picky nowadays :( Or maybe it's just PMS.