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For future reference i.e. when I don't have internet, I'd like to know what font would work for icon text..

Poll #1104541 Text for icons

Which font works the best?


ETA: Yup, they're snaggable with credit
*nod nod* No prob, all that's needed is credit :)

The first one is from the anime Capeta and the second is from Peace Maker Kurogane - I've had those caps for *ages* and always wanted them as icons XD
The second icons' fonts works better. The first one's works just as well. I feel that the the font should be white for a coloured background.
If I had to use a more generic font, I'd opt for the second one two. I initially went pale!text for the red icons but...then it seemed to normal and lacked the mood the dark text provides XD
Actually, my vote is sucky and WRONGWRONGWRONG, because I think the third font works best with the red icon :P
I actually like the third font the most because it's unique and has flavour...but a lot of people just want to read the text on icons, not have to figure out what it says XD

But then an icon is *art*...which applies to text too. So *shrugs*
You only make icons when internetless too eh? XD Oh god, I can never find the willpower otherwise
Oh I make them with internet too - but when I head over to asia, internet is going to be spotty and I'm not going to be able to spam the f-list with polls like these XD
I favor the sans serif ones, and voted for the first!

By the way, hiya; added you because of the highlight post in h_e. :)
Second one works best overall, but I like the third better with the light icon.