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[001] Forgot to mention it but, GIANT color scheme poll - for winter/christmas/spring layout colors.

[002] An lj layout design I wish I could do and share with peeps - without needing frickin' layers.

[003] 400+ friend ofs? Okaaaay, lots of lurkers O__O Well, heya new peeps! I lurk and get attracted to things that are a) shiny or/and b)new. I can be very random and multi-fandom - and don't really get into RL issues. LJ is my place to relax and share the media!love. Feel free to defriend whenever - I don't really stress over that business XD
lmao yeah, I'm just now getting the chance to catch up on all the slash I missed out on during finals week now so I feel ya xD

and aw, no worries! I'll definitely bookmark it though! thanks ♥ ♥ I'm actually reading Earthbound Spook at the moment since I saw it recced on P_J's lj awhile back and I know I'm probably going to kill this fic in a few short hours with how much I'm loving it hahah
The sad thing is that there's no way I can spend as much time on the net in asia as I usually do - my family will drag me away kicking and screaming :(

The fest fics are killing me what with recs everywhere - the bookmarks are just building O__O
ooh no! D: when do you leave for asia?! i'll have to save you a list of "fics to read" while you're gone or something so you don't miss out on any xD
Leaving on the 19th - though will be in India right after Christmas and there'll be absolutely no internet at that point :(

Not being able to go online for over a week - I think it's been over 2 years since that happened before O__O
lksfpahflaskdjfh how're you going to surviiive?!? I mean, I'm sure seeing India and Asia will be a blast but no internet whatsoever?! D:
I DON'T KNOW *spazzes* I already am freaking out at the thought of meeting so many distant relatives (which will prob be a nightmare) and on top of that - no internet for unwinding. FAIL.
lol well. godspeed, glacia. D: I just hope the trip isn't too bad and just think of all the amazing internet time you'll be able to have once you get back...?
We will see ;__; Though in these cases I believe that my imagination is probably making the situation worse than it really is. Maybe I'll just develop a greater appreciate for the internetz (and gigantic families) when I get back haha

right, look on the brightside! you get to hang out in some awesome countries for a little while and you'll have some superb boy-sexery waiting for you when you get back! :D

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Yes! And for once I won't be going in Monsoon season so no mosquitos \o/

And slash is always made of win. Though that reminds me - I need to hide all my yaoi manga and questionable content on the laptop >__>
uh oh! can't you use that fancy programme you were talking about earlier that can hide files on your computer?!
Would it be at all possible to use the layout that you put up in Takenote Icons? Have you released that anywhere?

And I wish you could do that layout too. It looks awesome.
Well, that layout is a customized version of my Aquatic Light layout (here). While I won't release the customized version publicly, am totally willing to share it with the f-list :)

I might end up trying to do that layout in 2008 anyway - even if it needs layers - 'cause all people will need to do is copy/paste code.
Arighty, edited the code just a bit and the stylesheet is here

At the end of all the code, you can replace the header image url with your own (the image is 630px wide and 200px high) Feel free to use :)

Edited at 2007-12-16 08:48 pm (UTC)
I went to try it and LJ won't save the changes. Usually it does that to me when something isn't right with the code? So close!
[001] voted like a crazy person

[002] Whoa. o_O And man I hate when I design a sweet layout but have no skills to code it. Damn LJ.

[003] You have staaaaalkers~ *__*