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The Dark Knight

I wake up this busy morning to find that the new Batman movie trailer is out - Heath Ledger seems perfect as the joker - he'll probably end up stealing the show from Christian Bale, haha.

ETA: quivo pointed out that a CAM version of the 6 minute preview of the movie is out here. No wonder the Joker is one of the best villains in the DC universe *__*
- (Anonymous)
Oh most defnitely - the voice is so different from Heath's but...he's The Joker. That's all I can really say XD
I'm looking forward to seeing the Joker way more than Batman, and I'm not even a huge Heath Ledger fan.
I had a crush on the guy since I say him in ROAR, but I actually fell in love with him after watching the Four Feathers - he's just very underrated despite the fact that unlike a lot of pretty!actors (Orlando Bloom comes to mind) he *can* hit the difficult, emotional and complicated roles correctly.

So I'm just a mass of goo at the moment. AGH, must cram for exam :(
If you're willing to sit through the shakycam!badness, there's another six-minute trailer that's a little more Joker-focused than that one that's here on Gizmodo.

And I am HUGELY IN FAVOUR of all sorts of stealing the show. It can only make the movie better ;)
OMG the preview is online? I googled it before to no avail and since I wasn't going to see I Am Legend in IMAX...:( Didn't think I'd get to see it anytime soon.
XD Gizmodo rules in digging up all sorts of shiny things. AND I really can't wait till the movie comes out-- that's one I'm bloody well catching as soon as it's out ;)
Fact: Everyone is going to go watch this movie for The Joker. XD