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Wordpress question...

Has anyone transfered their livejournal (or another blog) to wordpress, including comments (and maybe, security levels). I was also wondering about lj-cuts and lj tags like usernames and lj hosted images. I want to have everthing transfered and backed up on my site.

I noticed this excellent page - which can not only transfer both entries and comments...but also keep the wordpress blog synced with your LJ - at least in regards to comments.

Has anyone tried it? Or something similar?
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Yeah, I tried LJ Archive after the recent LJ scares - mirrored to Insane journal et all over the summer - I noticed the inability to change lj tags all that well and security levels and rehosting images :( I can't help hoping some programmer managed to think of all the things we need and made a program to help us move.

I might need to look into a way to download all my lj images and reupload to the site - and find/replace all the adresses in the entries in one go..if that's even possible...

Will check out the link, thank you!
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Ah, I'm used to a lack of spellcheck in editors so, the lite version is fine ^__^
Packing up and leaving me, Glacia? XD (and oh my god, you got $95 off?)
Not really - just backing up everything because I'm getting extremely paranoid that things are going to go wrong with LJ someday.

(yup, yup - I googled for coupons XD)
This is the part where I go, "WHAT CAN GO WRONG? 8D". And then it all goes to heck.

(>_>; I was gonna go with surpasshosting for my domain [they're having a sale] but I love me some coupons)
I'm not familiar with the transfer tools, but I have worked with XML and if you have it I could try to change the images and lj tags.
Well, I made a list of all the changes that are needed and since there are 300+ entries...I'll probaby need a program or something to do all of it:

-transfer the images on my entries to be stored on the site instead
-change all links in my posts that link to my own livejournal entries to link to the wordpress entries instead (so people don't get redirected to lj)
-change markup for lj-tags -lj cuts, lj userinfo/comminfo, lj-raw, lj textboxes
- edit security levels - especially private and friends only stuff
- transfer and perhaps sync comments

It's a lot of stuff and I'll probably need to ask the wordpress communit how to get it all done :(
I understood that you can apply a command in the LJ admin console (or somewhere else) and export the entries and comments in XML form. If you have that and know the format wordpress needs them in, I can make a program that would do the transformations.
LJArchive can export both entries and comments in XML form - or I could try to figure out how to get the scripts in the site linked above to export the entries- but seriously, you could make a program to make all those changes? Including transfering the images in the entries to be hosted onto the personal site? O___O

*must be dreaming*
I presume wordpress imports things from xml, and if we can figure out how everything is needed in that xml, it shouldn't be a problem.
As for the images, I think the easiest way to do it would be using a php script. I would need access to the site so they can be copied , but I think actually copying them won't be a problem. Are they hosted in the LJ scrapbook?
Most of the images are on LJ scrapbook, yes - though I'd just like all the images in entries to be transfered over...

If you need any access to the site, you can e-mail me with the specifics ( and I can set it up :)

I'll look into the requirements for the XML in regards to wordpress and see if I can get all the required data transfered to XML asap!

BTW...this ---> *__* is me right now XD Everytime I think of moving to wordpress, I get overwhelmed so thankyou for the help!

And if you ever want a custom layout or icons or graphics just say the word ♥
I was asking about the images because of naming issues... I know that imageshack modifies the image name but then I realized you don't care about the names :)

I'll have to see this afternoon how I can transfer them and see exactly what I need.

^_^ I'm happy to be able to help :) I had my XML exam on Monday and we had to solve one of those pointless problems. It's good to know that what I studied can be used for something real :)
I initially used to worry about names pre-lj scrapbook - and then realised I just use my entries to keep track of my images instead :)

♥ Am packing at the moment but if you need anything drop me a mail and I'll get back to you tom after the ever so long flight XD