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Back to Dubai and the family...

My flight is at 4pm...and what time am I leaving for the airport?


There is the slight chance that I can get bumped to an earlier flight - if I don't, I could very well miss the connecting flight in Atlanta since there's about 45 minutes in between my two domestic flights. A single delay could get me stuck, maybe even overnight. I really don't want to risk that.

So. Will sleep for 2 hours and then finish cleaningand packing up and run to the airport.

On a completely different note, I added the last of the icons of the year to that old Christmas banner post.

Humidity, here I come.
Have a safe trip and a good vacation with your family. :) (and good luck on the flights thing. I've never been bumped either way (yay?) but I hope it works out for you...)

ATLANTA! :D don't worry too much if you can't make the earlier flight. Atlanta isn't as massive and hard to get around in as some people surmise (or maybe I'm just use to it?! lol, idk) so I'm sure you'll have no trouble making the connecting flight if you have to.

I hope you have a safe trip and I'll definitely catch you up on all of the slash when you get back! ♥
Have a safe trip and Eid Mubarak/happy holidays to you!

PS: How long ago since you were in Dubai last?
YOU TOO??? my sister is going to Dubai in like 5 days aslkdjlaksd hate :(

I mean I want to go because I havent been in forever but then I am chickenshit and kinda intimidated by all my cousins. Poo on life.

Enjoy your hols babe ♥