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Quickie Update

[001] - MERRY CHRISTMAS PEEPS! And if you don't celebrate, then I just hope y'all have a fabulous day, alright? Alright.

[002] - Dubai is good. Not too humid - and having my sis and parents all together in the middle east hasn't happened, four years? AH, NOSTALGIA. We had filter coffee from a desi restaurant that we'd go to in my high school years, and had the same watered down puri bhaji we had over ten years ago. So while things aren't *really* very impressive, the company makes it so *__* I JUST WANT TO HIT REWIND AND GO BACK TO MY CHILDHOOD.

[003]mowd_icons did request icons for me ♥ They're completely snaggable.

[004] The highlight of the week online is that the end of term feast has started @ hogwarts_elite. The unfortunate bit is that Hufflepuff hasn't scored too many points yet. The good bit is that I can't help cheering for both Puffs and Claws so...not too disappointed XD Though when I heard from the latest JKR interviews that Tonks was a Hufflepuff...I was all "WEEEEE"

[005] I am up past 3am 'cause I'm getting my sis hooked on Coffee Prince - though I haven't really told her that I'm missing episodes after Ep #12 - she'll kill me but by then it'll be too late *evil cackle*

[006] Will be officially without any internet from tomorrow onwards - drop me a note here or msg me if I miss anything :)


I wish H_E hadn't squibbed me like three years ago. XD;
Hope you had an excellent Christmas hon!

You got squibbed at H_E? WTF? Though I admit, I had to get my app beta-ed twice before submitting it...

Edited at 2007-12-26 01:11 pm (UTC)

There have been loads of ads for Coffee Prince here x) The girl's very cute.
How was your Christmas???

The girl is not only cute but a lovely actress - there were moments we'd totally forget she was a girl XD
It was okay, I spent the entire day inside with the family, watching TV and playing loads of card games. You?

Oh, huge turkey dinner with my cousin's family and some off key singing :) Not to mention some really bad wine haha - all in all, pretty ok.
LOL. Except I'm going to Texas and probably won't have much time to work on the feast until I get back. I'm such a tease. And a slacker.
YOU ARE EVIL AND CRUEL. I probably will miss the feast now since I'll be back on the 5th only :(

Hope you're enjoying Texas though :) The weather is much better than the north so... ^__^

Of course, I'm leaving all my sweaters behind 'cause India=shorts and t-shirts!