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Did you watch Robotech/Macross when you were a kid? Did you fall in love with Rick Hunter and Lisa Hayes? Do you still remember the show fondly and with silent squees of joy?

Well, there's a brand new anime out called Macross Frontier - it's a sequel to the orginal and occurs in 2059 AD - BUT it also seems to be a bit of a remake/reinvention since the first episode has SO MANY parallels to the first episode of the original series.

Watch it here!!!


Will be in India in 12 hours from now O__O This trip is such a walk down memory lane - and watching Macross Frontier really makes it apparent.
LOL is the lead guy the one that looks like Kanda from D.Grey Man?

I swear anime has so many gay undertones, "I love your face when you're upset.." LOL

THAT IS WHY HE IS A HOTTIE. Plus he reminds me of that singer character is the third cartoon of Robotech - the one who crossdressed...

I wish the whole thing were out 'cause unlike most of the anime shows I've seen recently, this one seems to be very, very promising :)

I just hope the later episodes will be up on Veoh - a lot of the torrent sites are blocked in Dubai.
DID I EVER?! *starry eyes* I swear, I spazzed when I realised there's a Macross Frontier! EEEeeee! You'll have to excuse me while I twirl around in absolute happiness over this.
*joins you twirling* IT IS SO FABULOUS. The graphics and the little things that made me think of the original series - and there were so many things in common with Macross.

Though I really, really hope Sheril does NOT equal Lisa because so far, her attitude has just rubbed me all wrong.

And Renka just seems so...tiny. BUT I WISH EP 2 WERE OUT ALREADY.
I have not keyboard smash so much for an anime or turned speechless by one in my life. This just did.

As long as Sheryl isn't the perfect pop princess I'm all right with her. But her attitude just ugh.

Ranka is SO CUTE. Her hair is like floppy puppy ears. :)

alkjhsdjsd are you serious?! The 10pm Emirates flight from DXB??? :OOO

Sorry I find it amusing that my sister could in fact be SITTING ON THE SAME PLANE AS YOU. *dying*

Also yay Macross!! ...I really should watch anime again!
ah, yes. Yellow Dancer aka Lancer. mmmmmm with long purple hair. delicious. I watched the three generations many many many times. I had recorded them all on VHS 20 years ago. Alas I don't have the tapes anymore. Fun times!

*breathes deep* Ok so, Macross and Macross Plus was my thing back in the day. I have Sharon Apple's CD and she's not even REAL. This is so exciting! I just watched the Ep and I squeed. MUCH SQUEE. ♥ And omg Leon ;3;
Hey, uh, how far have you gotten into our little icon challenge? I just wanted to let you know that I've finished mine, so whenever you finish yours we can then get some sort of posting arrangement down :D

...Never thought I'd get them done this fast either o_o

I just thought I'd share :3
Ack, I've finished...6 so far - but that was due to the lack of computer access. If you want I could e-mail you/comment with the icons done (in batches of 5 or 6 icons at a time) and you could respond with yours and at the end we post them up. My e-mail is btw (can't remember if I got yours though...)

Feel free to choose any of the formats we've seen so far for the final official icon post phuck's also done the challenge on his comm, last5) or to come up with a finale post style of your own :)
Nah, it's okay with me if we just swap them at the end.


Maybe like this? Though I think it might need more padding in it but I'm not sure how to do that >_>

I friended you, because...
a) I like what you have to say, and I think you're an intelligent writer
b) you have really nifty graphics... and I have a few of your icons
c) I noticed on your profile that we're born only two days apart and I think that's swell.

You can add me back if you want, but no pressure.