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Vacation: almost over.

Me be back in Dubai and with internet. Will be posting photos of the 2 weddings in India and some photos when we visited the beaches of Goa :)

By the 2nd I was going though internet withdrawl especially since family refused to let me rest and I didn't get an hour for the PC. Plus Goa = no internet at ALL ;__;

In some ways I can't wait to return to Texas - but I'm also going to miss the family. My parents, my sis and I haven't been together in Dubai for 5 years. The vacation just felt like my definition of family and love :(

(With all it's headaches and annoyances too, haha)

Did I miss anything btw?
End of Term Feast!! :) When do you get back to Texas?
Am checking it right now XD I won 2 of the 3 hogsmeade thingies I entered? WOOT. And I really can't feel bad about Hufflepuff not winning 'cause Ravenclaw got the cup ♥ So it feels like a win, win situation haha.

Really love the new layouts on H_E btw - more breathing space. Though did you decide to add light orders around each entry later? 'cause I'm seeing them in IE

Will be getting back on 10/11th (night and will crash in my bed). Why do classes have to start on the 14th? *bawling*
I changed my name and went on hiatus (tho yes, I am online at this unholy hour...). Tho I don't suppose that's too terribly exciting. *sheepish*

Nice to see you made it safely back to Dubai and presumably had a good time? :)
Glad you're having a good time with your family! Can't wait to have you back♥
Haven't missed anything from meee. Just whining about having to go back to school. XD;

Well, I suppose I could offer a shameless plug and say I rewrote part eight of Greg's story (now with more violence and near death!) and posted part nine (also with more . . . violence and near death?). Hm.

Glad to hear your vacation went so well! I think in another three years when my friend Priya finishes medical school, she wants to organize a big trip to India (even for us goris) so I might hit you up for information at some point. ;)

Now, your final task: make it back to the US alive! ;p
Goa is so lovely though! Totally worth the no internet in my opinion!

Glad your back!
Welcome back my dear. I'm looking forward to your pic post. Goa is such a beautiful place. Five years is a long time not to be together with members of your family, but you'll now have memories to cherish.

Sorry to ask a fandom question, but i think you once told me that the fabulous layout you made for hd_inspired would not transfer to Insane Journal. Is that correct?
Internet withdrawal D:

And you didn't really miss anything- OH you won the Fulcrum's header contest? :D Congrats ♥