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You know you're dying of hunger when all you can think about is food - soup from Olive Garden, a shwarma from PO Boys Longhorn, a burrito from Vivos or Chipotle, a watermellon juice from Cocos...

Yup, it's food poisoning and I haven't eaten anything substantial for a day. hell hell hell hell. I'm trying to remind myself that if I eat anything heavy, I'll not only end up bringing that back up later, but also the few liquids that have managed to stay down. Fuck.
Oh, MAN, that sucks. I hope your recovery is a quick one.
I hope you feel better soon, hun. Food poisoning sucks. I know. I got one last year. :/
aww man... I'm sorry. That inhales profusely. =(
I remember being so sick that even the thought of food had me in the bathroom with the dry heaves... but I remember being too sick to eat anything and wanting tacos almost more than that next breath. I've never been sure which is worse.

Fluids are top priority right now - like you didn't already know that. Even if it comes back up in a few minutes, you still get some good from the fluids you do get down, so don't give up on them! Just make sure to only have sips, several minutes apart. That will maximize your chances of keeping them down.
You know you're dying of hunger when you're willing to eat a million year old cup of ramen. O_o
Call me if you need anything. I'm around.