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This is going to be just beautiful. Just some of the peeps who made me start yelling:

Team Epilogue - I just want more Epilogue!fic, so this title got me hot and bothered.
OMG: femmequixotic | mahaliem (HYPERVENTILATING HERE) | novembersnow + red_rahl
*\o/*: nqdonne | scoradh | tarie

Team Canon - there are so many peeps here, it's scary O__O
OMG: furiosity (not surprised haha) | rurounihime + glockgal | sherant
*\o/*: scrtkpr | themostepotente | waterbird | cutecoati | neversleeps | mizbean

Team EWE - the team with the most story!freedom IMO
OMG: emmagrant01 | fourth_rose | mijan | libby_drew + naadi
*\o/*: blamebrampton | rickey_a

Team Fanon - I have a love/hate relationship with fanon *nervous*
OMG: amanuensis1 | charlotteschaos | pir8fancier + lillithium
*\o/*: aoifene | corvidae9 | dacro

Check out the whole roster to really get why I'm squeeing So many wonderful peeps ;__;

This has been something a lot of us have wanted for ages - and now, it's here. Wow.

artwork by red_rahl banner by incapricious

ETA: The best and worst part - the f-list is split across all four teams. I can't cheer for any one team - just for the H/D goodness :( It's so easy when it comes to a Harry vs Voldie showdown but this? This is true evil ;__;

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