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This is going to be just beautiful. Just some of the peeps who made me start yelling:

Team Epilogue - I just want more Epilogue!fic, so this title got me hot and bothered.
OMG: femmequixotic | mahaliem (HYPERVENTILATING HERE) | novembersnow + red_rahl
*\o/*: nqdonne | scoradh | tarie

Team Canon - there are so many peeps here, it's scary O__O
OMG: furiosity (not surprised haha) | rurounihime + glockgal | sherant
*\o/*: scrtkpr | themostepotente | waterbird | cutecoati | neversleeps | mizbean

Team EWE - the team with the most story!freedom IMO
OMG: emmagrant01 | fourth_rose | mijan | libby_drew + naadi
*\o/*: blamebrampton | rickey_a

Team Fanon - I have a love/hate relationship with fanon *nervous*
OMG: amanuensis1 | charlotteschaos | pir8fancier + lillithium
*\o/*: aoifene | corvidae9 | dacro

Check out the whole roster to really get why I'm squeeing So many wonderful peeps ;__;

This has been something a lot of us have wanted for ages - and now, it's here. Wow.

artwork by red_rahl banner by incapricious

ETA: The best and worst part - the f-list is split across all four teams. I can't cheer for any one team - just for the H/D goodness :( It's so easy when it comes to a Harry vs Voldie showdown but this? This is true evil ;__;
*nods head till it falls off*

OMG, this is insanely exciting and I wish it were time for the fanworks to come out already. Every time I'd see comments about snarry_games I'd WHIMPER and now, it's finally our turn with H/D and all the worldcup spammage on the f-list is making me more and more excited. WOOT!!!

I'm very partial to the Epilogue!fics but...there are so many talented peeps in each team, any one of them could snatch the cup *__*
I just started catching uo with the fic fests today, so I've actually got a lot of H/D to get through XD
The worst thing btw, is that I can't cheer for one team only 'cause the f-list is split across all four *headdesk*
Isn't it just? I'm so excited! I ♥ my teammates!

i have no idea who im cheering for!
im almost incoherent! i cant wait to see what they everyone submits!i plan to stalk everyone faithfully! i had to delurk for this very awesome event!