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I bloody hate January. One more death to make the month memorable. Hell.

I adored Heath Ledger - from when I saw him in Roar in middle school to crying over him in Four Feathers and going insane over The Dark Knight. Unlike most of the actors of his generation, he was great.

fuck, fuck, fuck, FUCK.

I am in total shock over this.... It just doesn't ring true - I mean... when someone dies of a suspected drug overdose - esp a celeb - you usually have months of drug speculation etc to go on....

Still in shock!

Didn't Dan Radcliffe just beat him out of a role too - the one about the photographern Dan Eldon?

I didn't realise how young he was in Roar.

He was such a joy to watch. In everything. So confident.

So young.
Loading up the friends of friends page, I kind of want to bitchslap the peeps who are poking fun at the situation, comparing the situation to Britney Spears etc. Just, pisses me off.

I think he was one of my first celeb!crushes when I saw him in Roar. And he kept surprising me by how much talent he had. I still can't really believe it.
Sorry I realise you don't know me but I just wanted to share in the Hetah distress.

I am in a state of shock and can't see to stop crying ( I don't care how sad that is) :(((((
No, I do get where you're coming from - I can't believe it. Sure there are people who don't seem to give a damn but seeing them make fun of the situation makes me a bit violent actually. How can people joke about a persons death not even hours after it's announced? WTF.

Heath was awesome - and I'll tell youwhat I told bzzinglikeneon - in my mind, this was supposed to heath - he was supposed to star in the Joker which would be a hit with fandom and a cult classic perhaps and then an oscar *sooner* rather than later. THIS was not supposed to happen.

I can't decide what would be better, finding out it was a suicide or accidental. At least with suicide you can be mad at him, but that's also horrible. And accidental would be equally terrible, if not more so. But if it was accidental, at least we know he was happy... D:
I hate January too. It's such a blah month. I couldn't believe the news when I read it. So sad.
The past two weeks have had an unbelievable amount of suckage - food poisoning - celeb!death - family!death - celeb!death - and I don't know. Really sick of all of it.

After throwing myself into fic I thought I'd been feeling better but now I'm hitting rock bottom again. Just feel so tired and wrung out.
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I might just end up breaking down during the film because I'll be looking at the film and it'll really hit me that yeah, Heath's gone.

Ok, started crying. Celeb!deaths never really effect me - but it's Heath. I'm looking at my Roar DVDs right now. Hell.
I- I don't really know what to say. It's unexpected and so shocking. I remember him best from 10 Things I Hate About You. I loved him in there; so goofy and adorable. ;_;
I've never had a celeb!death effect me like this - he's someone I grew UP with, y'know?

I've been trying to get my mind off of this whole thing and was looking at your previous icon post when I saw this post.

Heath was going to go down in history as one of our generation's greatest actors. But that doesn't even matter anymore. I can't get Michelle, Matilda, Jake, and the rest of his friends and family out of my mind now. It's heartbreaking and tragic for us, but really, it's them we should be thinking about now. I hope to God Michelle was able to tell Matilda about Heath. ;___;
I understand your feeling. :(

I'm still struggling with believing it rather than just seeing it. :/
oh god, I am so distraught over this. he, orlando and danrad are basically the only actors I've ever given two-shits about and when I give two-shits about a celebrity I tend to like them a lot. it's just not going to be the same without him in the future, I just can't even begin to comprehend this all.

*major hugs*

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