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Ok, it started with that video floating around of Tom Felton playing the guitar. Then femmequixotic mentions the possibility of writing a fic in which "Draco and Harry are members of emo/indieish bands." And then it got me wondering about Indie English Rock and the UK music scene and how being in Texas for the past 3 and a half years means I've completely lost track of everything. I didn't even realise Take That was back *facepalms*

Patience - Take That

The fact that it's been 10 years? Has actually increased their hotness factor for me *__* Especially after watching Rule the World. These guys just got better with age *happy happy sigh*

All I Got by Newton Faulkner

Definitely missed a lot of the newer hits so - any suggestions pour moi?
No new hits but wow, I hadn't seen that video. *steals link* He's pretty good on that thing, isn't he? And that smile at the end...oh, Tom. ♥
They got old. *laughs* I kid. I love how Mark looks now. Hotter than ever. Of course, the song is just love, too.
When I was over there, (admittedly, that was almost two years ago now ;_;) Maximo Park was pretty popular... and they were new to me. XD I have the newest cd uploaded here:

(My favorites songs from them are probably "Girls Who Play Guitar", "Velocity", and "Nosebleed." ^^)

I know the Maccabees were also popular: (hehehehe)

as well as MIKA (ahahaha he was at #1 at one point):

and the Winterkids.
I'm just another one of those fic-reading lurkers...but! I wanted to THANK YOU for posting the link of Tom Felton playing the guitar (is it really really him??) bc it made my day. Adorable! Now if only he'd sing too :)