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bloggish is pwned...well, sort of.

Layout experimentation + hd_worldcup = new community layout!

I decided to use the new bloggish layout I was working on for the H/D world cup - you can see a preview of the final layout here

The main problem I had was with the linkbar - but everything seems to have worked alright.

Yes, I'm always using y'all as beta testers but if you can check it out and tell me if anything looks wrong - that'd be great (especially the peeps participating in the fest, since y'all will be stuck looking at it, lol)
The community header won't work for me - I'm just getting a blank spot up there.
Could you tell me which browser you're using right now and what screen resolution you've got?
It's sort of ridiculously late now (sorry, was out of contact for the weekend!), but the layout works fine in IE 6 now.
That's fine - the layout went up and I'm just glad to know that there aren't gonna be any errors for anyone :)
That's because the oldest entries in the test journal were written in 2008 -so no year links need to be on top XD In comms with older entries, the links will show up alright ^^
This is just me (and frankly, I'm nobody), but I think it would be a bit better if the two headers (the pictures and the links/tags/calendar) weren't as tall. I'm looking at it in Firefox on a 17" screen and I can't seen anything but those two things without scrolling. For me, I like to have some sense of what's on the page before I have to start scrolling through it.

Other than that, I really like how clean and neat it is. Simple to find things and navigate--my favorite kind of layout.
It really depends on screen resolution rather than monitor size, but ultimately, the only way to move the entries up would be to remove the header altogether - otherwise, it doesn't make much of a difference...

Glad it works otherwise though - thanks for the fb!
Looks excellent!

Hopefully they can use it on their Insanejournal as well, because that rocks.
Yup, it should work on insanejournal - that's the ony reason I started working on bloggish XD
The header looks very nice, but the beige/tan blocks on each side look kind of off. Just me, though!
I admit, that was my one doubt - I don't know if it should be red or just a darker grey instead...