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LJ: Rebooted

I have two tiny things left:

1) Coloring the scrollbar for the "Out of Town" Links
2) Replacing the links in comments with images

Apart from that I think everything is working >__<

Did this layout's CSS from scratch - and it's no longer on smooth sailing but rather, on Expressive - and thanks to av8rmike, the theme layer codes are working fine :)

The images for the layout are somewhat more mellow IMO, but it's still almost the same colorscheme. Oh and it makes better use of bigger resolutions for the top menu.

If y'all find anything odd about it, just holler.

Oh, and the coolest thing about the reboot? Apart from comments, I've disabled all the 100x100 icons - so I actually *read* the f-list instead of getting distracted by icons XD
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Oh, it looks really lovely.

lol. Pretty icons catch my eye first before the post/comments.
I SWEAR. It's like, I don't actually read the posts, I just scroll and look at icons *facepalm*. I'm hoping this forces me to read stuff instead XD

Though I did keep the icons for comments - to keep the interactive nature of LJ-comments going :)

*glomps* Super cookie for quick comment ♥
\o/ Yeah, I wanted to clean it up a bit and streamline the whole thing - I kinda know what I like to see on my own LJ and it's easier to just think "So, what do *I* want?" rather than "What would others want?" When it's just one person, it suddenly becomes much easier XD
It's lovely and Jealousmaking but I really miss the Guide quote. =/ Can't you slip it in somewhere?
It looks great *layout envy* :3 ♥

And man the icon thing happens to me too like "Oooh that's pretty/cute/funny who made it *clicks icon*" then it goes downhill from there.
I would love to use this layout, but I can't seem to find the codes. I will definately credit!