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Sore throat does not stop the flailing

Have managed to get a sore throat (have no idea WTF is up with this semester) which could be laryngitis BUT I am doing my best to ignore that and focus on some awesome SGA news.

Most of y'all know that::

  • I adore the Star Gate series
  • My favorite guys are Carson Beckett, Rodney McKay, Daniel Jackson, John Sheppard - and Jack O'Neil of course. Have warmed up majorly to Teal'c XD
  • The currently airing Season 4 of SGA is already complete in production so they're starting up season 5. When? THIS MONTH \o/

So if any of those bullets make you squee, and you don't mind spoilery casting details for Season 5 of SGA, here's a super special press release.
You even go the order right for the boys ^_^

I haven't watched SGA after Sunday, because I read the interviews about Sam coming over and my enthusiasm was gone. I'll probably catch up over a weekend soon, though.

Did you give up the LJ move thing? Did you do something else? I didn't get any emails from you about that after the holidays
yeah, Sam was never someone who made me go \o/ Next season seems like it's going to be a lot of fun though :)

(Sending you an e-mail right now!)