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it's official!

Went to the clinic today and yup, I've got laryngitis, bronchitus and pharyngitus - which is just a fancy way of saying I have a very sore throat along with icky build up int he throat - and can't talk.

It's kinda cool to call my parents back in asia and hear my dad first sympathise and then snicker 'cause I sound like a wheezing balloon.

Gonna get some much needed rest as soon as the medication kicks in and figure out when to leave for my sis' place tom.

ETA: Oh, and last month we'd been thinking of going to Arizona for the Renaissance Festival since my sis has never been to one. It turned out that round trip plane tickets were at least $350 each *wince*.

So instead, we might be doing a Linkin Park concert for the 29th on Oklahoma City (and drive there instead lol). It's probably one of the only bands in the US I'd want to see live - their energy on stage is just awesome XD And I can finally say that I've been to a full fledged concert haha.
feel better sweetie

take two H/D fics and call me in the morning...
Haha, will do - it's nowhere as bad as the food poisoning last month so with the weekend I should be able to recover + my sis will prob pamper me a bit too ^__^
*huggles* Me too - I keep drinking liquids in the meantime. The doc warned it could take up to 24 hours but I'm being optimistic ^__^
My throat is not hurting so badly but for some reason I feel closer to puking. Argh, why is it so hard to find medication that just works the way its supposed to?

Oh and btw - I'm watching Supernatural and looking at that ol' Opal layout I was supposed to finish with your graphics:

Rather than focussing on headers, we could probably leave the header as is (for them to add, since everyone changes them anyway depending on fandom) and try to put together gradients/background patterns/cool color combos.

There were the colorschemes [poll for winter/spring that you could use if you want:

So perhaps something like: a color gradient for the LJ title bar at the top, patterned background, gradients for the individual entry boxes - or instead of a patterned background you could have an absract artpiece in the corner or something. Basically background images that will *not* get replaced when people add their own header :)

If youre swamped at the moments that's 'kay - will be there when you get around to it :)
If you can stand it, eat some honey. It'll soothe your throat a lot. Don't have a remedy for the puking, however. :/

I'm uber busy until the 15th (the Lucius fest) as soon as I get all my graphics and icons done for that, I'll get started. I have quite a few ideas about background images though, so yay!
By take your time I meant if you could get around to it by March/April XD The 15th would be awesome.
oh, very nice. Will get to it all as soon as I can. In the same format as last time, i.e graphics on webspace. :)
I don't have any idea whether a Rennaisance festival is supposed to be good, but omg LP! LP! :jumps up and down and for about ten seconds hates the fact she can't go to the US:

Do you like their (already not so) new album?
"What I've Done" wows me every time I hear it and the blend of vocals from Mike and Chester just set LP apart. They're the only group in highschool who made me wonder, "What if I could see it live?" and go *__*

Also, it's odd but even with all the fame and wealth, they actually seem more mature and mellow now than when they were younger :O