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I think I need to just take a time out for the next few weeks and really focus on classes and RL. Everytime I thought things were getting close to a regular sort of schedule, something has thrown things into chaos.

2008 has been a crazy year so far and I want to get some order back into my life. So, won't be really active for Feb/March but I'll be around. There's always H_E and I can't wait for the layout contest at mintyapple to go up...but, yeah - you guys stay awesome, alright?
*hugs* Do whatever you need to do in order to re-juice. The latest Greg chapter is dedicated to you. ^^
Taking a time out means I'm gonna finally catch up with all the fic reading \o/ Thank you for the dedication btw *hug*
Yeah, I figured that the faster I get myself back on track, the faster I can jump back on the LJ train XD
I'm going to miss you *hugs* I'll be here when you get back♥

Hope everything goes well :)
I'm definitely going to be around (and squeeing if the previews for SGA this week are a sign XD) - just not as active. So more quiet lurking, haha
2008 has been super crazy for myself also - I am getting so exhausted waiting for school to finish! At least I can count out the weeks and know exactly what is happening each week.
See, I know I need to get my schedule down like that but it hasn't really gotten all that straightened out yet XD Gotta block out a proper to do list thingy and stick to it - but damn, it's hard.

*shrugs* My time managment tends to suck.