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Crap, 'tis Monday

[001] has a trailer for a lovely sundance film called The Visitor. Walter Vale comes back from a conference and finds two people living in his apartment - basically, they were scammed into thinking they were renting someone else's place. Since they have no place to go, he has them stay around and friendships are formed. Then immigration gets a hold of them and it turns out they're not exactly citizens. It puts the human element back into something that's really just been viewed as an Issue most of the time. For some reason it really hit me and almost had me crying by the end of the trailer - it felt real in ways a lot of films just don't nowadays.

[002] Saw U2 3D (wikipedia) at the local IMAX theater. Having never really been a 'fan' of U2, I kept going "OMG, I know this song!" Yes, I know, they're a group where I have heard a lot of their music on the radio but never got around to connecting the music to *them*. In any case, it was an awesome performance and it really makes you want to jump out of your seat and join the sea of people jumping to the music - was *this* close to going clubbing after XD

[003] Operation shape up has started - doing daily workouts and going to try to keep note of weigh ins and maybe exercises done and food. Let's see how far it goes. The highlight of the day was finding a list of the best and the worst ab exercises. This article on how to lose 10 pounds in 10 days made me whimper simply 'cause of the push ups, which I just fail at.

Will hopefully check back in before the end of the week XD

[004] ETA: BTW, browsing the f-of-flist, came across novembersnow's list of favorite fics to reread - definitely something to note :)
Aw, that sounds really good and looks good, too. I wish we do have Sundance films shown here. :/

LOL! You goof, you never actually put their music to their faces until now?

Awesome! I've been searching for new fanfics to read lately and your rec list is perfect timing. :D
I gues we'll just have to wait for it tp come out on video :(

They've always been one of those bands - whose songs were mostly nameless but recognizable and with the exception of Withor Without You and Beautiful Day, I didn't link them with their other songs *headdesk*

Glad to point the way - though I'm finally gearing up to update the H/D Directory \o/ So hopefully, more rec lists coming :)
This is your very last chance to get your icons in at wenham_lims, I'm posting the voting on Monday morning.
Hey, so I came across your comment in lab_mistress's journal about layouts, and was quickly reminded of how much I fangirl you. D'oh, I can't believe I forgot to list your layouts in my reccing, for while I've never used them, they are GORGEOUS BEYOND BELIEF.

So um...I'm gonna friend you now. Feel free to pitchfork me. And I might link you to a picture of myself when I get up enough nerve. :D