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Layout: S2 Flexible Squares - Minty

Just posting the layout now that the contest @ mintyapple is over :)

Style: S2 Flexible Squares
Best view: 800x600 and up
Browsers Tested On: Latest versions of IE, Opera and Firefox only
Custom Comment Pages: No
Navbar: Disabled automatically

Layout : Minty

Live Preview @ kisses_n_koshes

  • Perfectly centralized entries
  • Fluid layout that fits for any resolution
  • Userpics on the left BUT they do not get in the way of the entry posts

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That is beautiful. I would use it right now if I hadn't just changed my layout last month. The colors go so well together, and the brown is just the right shade of brown, which is just awesome, since some shades of brown just look like...yeah. Anyway. I love it!
I'd take it and use it if I had not just changed my layout... oh, who am I kidding. I'm snagging this!
Gorgeous layout! I just changed mine, however. *sigh* Ah well, I like this one too much. Will definitely credit.
- (Anonymous)
I actually jst rebooted my LJ layout a few weeks ago - it still has a few kinks to work out. I might share my ol' feather layout in future (my own personal layout history is here) but since I just did this one, I won't be making it publicly available till I do my next reboot, most likely. This layout is a lot less flashy than the previous ones and it's mellowness is just very soothing XD
I really like this one, but I like the white version at Minty Apple better.:) It just seems to make it pop more.

Edit: Ha, nevermind, just ignore this comment completely. This one is really great, but I have both you and thefulcrum on my friends list and I got the layouts mixed up, I thought that you won :) I like the colours on this one too, I am just more into a lighter, more springy layout atm. Damnit, now I am babbling and rambling on and looking like an idiot.


Edited at 2008-02-28 04:38 am (UTC)
I think this layout works better for personal ljs but grrliz's makes far more sense for a comm like mintyapple
OK, seriously... your layouts are so awesome!!! I grabbed an older one tonight and tomorrow I'm going to play a bit and change things up (will ALWAYS credit you 'cuz that's how we roll. HA HA) Anyway, I added you to friends and have added this layout to my memories... I don't know if you hear it enough, but all of this hard work of yours is VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!!!!

I love this. I will tinker and use. I'm going to lose my scrolling boxes! But this is amazing.

ETA: uuugghhh when I am less sick (re: NOT COUGHING HEAD OFF) I will fiddle.

Edited at 2008-02-28 05:51 am (UTC)
Snagging to use! It's gorgeous, although i'd like to know how to get my nav bar back...i use it all the time D:

it's a gorgeous layout though
Gorgeous! I love the colors and how the userpics are off to the left. Also how the tags list scrolls. Awesome work! I'm bookmarking for when I'm ready for a layout change. This is perfect. *hugs*
I love this! I'm leaving for work in a few, so I don't have time to customize the header [so I just left it blank for now].

Thanks so much! Using & crediting. :)