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Note to self

After shredding dried red chilies by hand, do wash your hands immediately after, 'cause otherwise YOU WILL FOGET TO DO IT.

And then? Then you rub your eyes, wonder what that burning sensation is and then suddenly tears are streaming down your face because YOUR EYES ARE ON FIRE.

Bah, I can be such an idiot >__<

Chillies-1, Me - 0
Same thing happens to me when I chop onions.

Not fun.

You have my sympathies.
When this happens, you should microwave a piece of bread so it is warm, and then place it on your eye. It gets the chili stuff out.

This happened to my mom once, who is a paranoid Jewish mother, so she told me, her blessed child, what to do in the occasion that it EVER EVER HAPPENED.
Oh dear.

Sometimes even after I wash my hands, they are still quite burninating.

Totally random reply: I'm not a stalker lurker (much!) Added you as a friend. :)
I remember once a friend of mine came to school his eyes red and swollen and he told me his brother had shoved the chili on his eyes D:

Hope you're doing better now hun♥