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OMG can always be trusted to have some...unique links:

The comments had me in stitches - "That sound you hear? That's men everywhere trying to figure out how to get their wives to read this without implying a lack of existing skill."

And this one: "Not nervous? "God, I love your cock." Yes it sounds corny, but we love to hear dirty talk. Say it with the same enthusiasm & sincerity as you say "God, I love Mr. Darcy."

ROFLMAO! That link is a keeper. I'm going to send it out to all my girl friends and see what they think. XD
Nah, it was just me doing my daily check of popurls XD There's always something interesting listed XD
I think the funniest thing about that was the fact that I was expecting to read something I didn't already know. Oh fandom, you've taught me so much.