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I'm one of those peeps who has a very basic phone - which means it can use polyphonic ringtones but monophonic sounds much less techno though. And mp3s don't work, period.

Haven't bothered doing custom tones for years - since high school actually. But...the cingular defaults have finally killed me.

So. I found a midi of Fukai Mori by BoA (one of the Inu Yasha ending songs), cut it up with Anvil Studio to 24 seconds and transferred it to my mobile using the program Send to Phone @

I really wanted a decent midi of Wait & See by Utada Hikaru but *shrugs*

Overall, me be a happy ducky :) Though now I wonder how everyone else does it...
Well, back when I still using my Stone Age phone *laughs*, I'd either key in the codes of the tone or I'd request from those ringtone services wehave over here.

I haven't heard Fukai Mori in ages. Makes me want to dig out that song now.
I wish I'd known about that site way back when I bought this special usb cord for my phone so that I could get my Doctor Who ringtone on it.
Oh I've always wanted to know how to put a song/midi as a ringtone,well now I know which programs/sites to use. :D
I used to transfer midi-ringing tones via infrared from my laptop. And now I use bluetooth for transferring files or the 2 GB memory chip I got for my new phone.