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DeviantART pretties

Finally checked out DA after months and here are some pieces of note that made me go *__* Damn, I need to set up my printer and put up new posters...

The NaruSasu one... I really missed those NaruSasu days before it all turned, well, 'tard. Stupid Kishimoto...

The emoticon one is CUTE. I think I'll be snagging those to use as my MSN emoticon.
Those are awesome links! I especially loved the 12 Days of Christmas. ^_______^
I am so downloading those emoticons. And that take on Little Red Riding Hood is amazing.
OMG that Little Red Riding Hood is AMAZING. She could kick some serious wolf ass like that.

I didn't see The Spiderwick Chronicles, but that is probably the cutest thing eva.

And Young Avengers! I love them so much. Also, with the slash, I bet it totally doesn't help that they're actually gay. Heh, or maybe it does ;)
What a beautiful selection!
And with the last one, the "full view" button gets a whole new meaning. ;P