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Yesterday's American Idol - The Boys

  • Voices/Takes on songs that impressed me: Chikezie (!!!), Danny, David C
  • There is still love: David A, David H
  • Mid ground: Michael
  • Performances that weren't fabulous: Luke & Jason

The sad thing is, while Danny can sound good, visually he makes me run for the covers - his over the top winks and cheesiness just makes me cringe. So honestly, I wouldn't mind seeing him or Luke go. They've both made me wince at some point or another.

I want another week with the other males though. Especially Jason - there has got to be more to him and I don't want *that* to be his last performance...and I just realised who Jason reminds me of - a sweet and kind of goofy alternate version of Jensen Ackles o__O No wonder I want him around.

David and Danny had solid voices but I kept thinking of the way the original songs went. Kind of a mixed bag.

I have this feeling that if Chikezie released a single, I'd have no problem listening to it - might even love it. But I can't seem to fall into his stage performances :( At this point I do think that's the issue that that's hurting him on votes. And man, did he look depressed after Simon's comment :( I kind of wanted to hug him.

Most of the guys have voices that would sound fab on the radio - and IMO, with certain peeps like all three Davids, I can't help wondering if they really need to BE the next American Idol to make it big.

David A's got that golden voice that could sing pretty much anything...David H has a great voice + potential for growth...David C keeps making me think of Chris Daugherty and how you could slap his vocals on a rock song and it would sell.

So if Jason, Chikezie, or one of the girls won - I don't know if I'd really be disappointed.
So AI yesterday!

I really liked David C's version yesterday. I thought the whole performance was brilliant. I thought David A, Michael and Jason were really good. Not as good as they have been, but still my favourites. Definatly agree with Simon about David A's song choice... he needs to choose some more up beat songs.

I like Danny, but his last few performances haven't been great really.

I think Luke has to go... but i am not sure who is going to go with him!
Herebouts the new season of the Pop Idol equivalent is just at the stage where the last 15 for the shows were selected. Am curious about how things turn out. And the single person, who has an actual career in the music business after a casting show, won second place then. All the "winners" disappeared sooner rather than later.