Goss (gossymer) wrote,

Yves Rocher - $20 off a $30 purchase

Okay, I visited the fatwallet.com forums and found a pretty neat deal:

Go to Yves Rocher
Add $30.00 worth of items to your cart and $10.00 comes off automatically
Then add Code WELCOME10OFF for an additional $10.00 off
Free Flower umbrella ($30+) or Tote ($37+) is added automatically
Free Shipping
So I just got 10 items (worth $30 and that's AFTER the 50% off/ 2 for 1 deals) for only $10.43 along with the free shipping and the free gift!

The site is loading very slow at the moment and I had to use firefox BUT they had a few things I wanted that I usually can never find cheap enough :)

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