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WTF is it with the LJ boycott? And seriously people, Good Friday? I'm not going to be on LJ ANYWAY on that day.

Plus, IMO, if you're going to do a boycott, it needs more publicizing than spammage over just a few days. Anyone whose been away for spring break, been occupied with RL etc. will probably miss the whole darn thing. Isn't that, I don't know, POINTLESS?

I kind of think it makes more sense to make noise rather than shut up. Just from looking at the f-list, I can tell a lot of peeps aren't all too keen on the silent treatment idea. And unless it's a concentrated and organized effort with a lot of support, I don't really think it would be any different that making an angry post about it. It could actually be worse.

I don't know - the movement seems to be rather half cocked and more like angry kids sulking in the corner than activists doing a protest.

This just doesn't make sense to me.

If anything, SUP will probably be happy for the lack of server/database load on Friday, IMO.

I think it's a ridiculous idea and reason. I understand people don't like having to have the sponsored account with ads, but seriously, is this even necessary to do?

Like you said in your entry...why not stand up and make a scene rather than boycott LJ for a day...

I didn't hear about this until Monday possibly Tuesday and then it was only icons and banners and such promoting background, no nothing..

Anyhow...RIDICULOUS!! just my $0.02

Because holding a "boycott" on an INTERNATIONAL RELIGIOUS HOLIDAY? (which also happens to fall in the middle of most spring breaks) LOL STUPID. I think the person who chose the date is likely not Catholic, LOL.

And I'm hella pissed, too, b/c the place where I procure my favorite Thursday night entertainment is boycotting and I AM A VERY ANGRY PUPPY.
And I only found out about it just yesterday. I thought it's ridiculous as it's done on Good Friday.
copperbadge had an idea about posting so much that we manage to crash at least one of their servers. The only problem with this is that it would render people's friends-lists nigh unreadable. And how much content is too much content? Are multiple small posts more effective than one lengthy post? How will we know when to stop? Do cat macros count?

The strike was a good idea, but it isn't well-organized enough to work. You need more than a week's notice to really reach everyone, and it needs to last for much longer than one day for it to have any effect on SUP. Hell, the Writers' Strike lasted for three months before a resolution was reached.

Still, I wish them the best of luck. I wish it could work, because it would make things easier. :/
I had forgotten about Good Friday (not a Catholic either).

It may or may not work (most likely not) but I like the thought process behind it and I really wasn't a fan of what SUP had to say. I don't think it's necessarily angry kids in the corner so much as it's unorganized users who feel like the company doesn't listen when they speak, so more speaking won't really do anything at all. And while, no, LJ isn't under any obligation to treat its consumers with any kind of respect, it's kind of like when Rowling disses her fans to me.

Really, I think the best solution is just a mass fandom exodus since even the people not participating in the strike seem to be pissed (and that's where it'll hurt LJ since so many fandom users have paid accounts anyway), but that's not happening and the silence at least means something symbolic.
Yay. Someone who I agree with. I only just heard about it yesterday morning from a very confused Japanese friend of mine (apparently an Arashi-related comm is planning on a comm-wide strike? I really REALLY wish they would because a lot of the ppl on that comm are fucking stupid, no offence to Arashi fans...but...) and I still think it's a lame-ass idea.

I've been hearing more and more details on it over the day/night and it just boggles me how ppl seem to think they're entitled to anything without paying for it. Nowhere is there a God-given right to blog, ppl!

It also kind of irks me that (thanks to some Russian friends) someone saw fit to twist words around and inflame this whole thing in the first place. The guy didn't say half of what they're attributing to him (again, say my Russian friends, who I trust more than some random person with an agenda) so why ppl are getting their knickers in a twist. (and really, having read the translation, it wasn't even that bad to start with. Certainly nothing to have a bloody hissy fit over.

Just grow up people, and get over yourselves. (and thank you, Glacia, for being a smart and reasonable person in what seems to be a sea of idiots these days...)

Agreed, I only posted it on mine to spread the word because I like the spirit behind it, but I think the practice of it is completely wrong.
I've been a paid user of LJ almost since the beginning. I don't feel like they've done anything (so far) to inconvenience me. The service has changed, but I expected that as the membership grew and people asked for more functionality from LJ.

Until I feel that LJ has wronged me personally, I can't get behind something like this. I respect the right of others to strike if they wish, but I expect my right to not strike to be respected, too.

As for what the people behind LJ think of me as a user, I care about as much as I care about what my cable company thinks of me. Or my credit card company. Or anyone else who provides me a service. In other words, I don't care at all.
Just poking my way into your comment and I've got to say WORD with everything you've pointed out. None of this is going to affect me, so why the hell should I get up in arms about it? Until LJ does something that affects my own account, I'm not doing anything.
Watch how people who don't go along with the boycott get flammed or some such shit, watch. I don't think this protest will really get anything done, a mass exodus would have been more influential that us folding our arms and pouting at SUP.