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[001] Posted a color poll on mintyapple and it would be awesome if y'all could check t out - feel free to skim and choose what calls out to you. I'm kinda torn because while I know I will be having 3 layouts in white, grey and black respectively, I'm not sure if I should stick to light colors in the rest of the colorschemes (which is most popular on LJ), do some dark colorschemes which can look so awesome on more professional blogs, or go midway with splashes of color. Damn it.

[002] If a website goes down or if a story goes offline, you could check this aricle on how to find lost web pages. I got to read two fics that had virtually disappeared off the internet!

[003] forums are a life saver. They have a thread on Sprint SERO - get internet, messaging and cell phone service for $30 a month. I'm paying over $40 a month for Cingular/AT&T and that's for just basic cell phone service. WTF. Am switching over in May.

[004] sharona1x2 pointed out that gonzo is going to be streaming anime (WITH SUBTITLES) - which is just fabulous news :)

[005] I know some of y'all are hunting for apartments/homes so here are 3 floor design sites to make it easier to visualize the homes with your funiture in it :)

[006] I admit I still adore parchment color schemes but...CHOCOLATE is awesome - used to have a gorgeous yummy cocoa colorscheme and just thinking about it makes me drool. And grrliz just posted up her opal layout and it's got lovely browns too.

[007] My sis and I watched the anime Gakuen Alice over the weekend - it pwned Kodomo no Omocha IMO - but I think I'm going to try Lucky Star and Minami-ke in future. Yeah, I know - I almost never touch shoujo, but it's been a while since I laughed so hard over a cartoon. Damn it, when is the next episode of Avatar going to air?

[008] Keeping track of your credit score can be expensive - most sites run at about $10 a month. However, I just gt a year's membership at for $30 - I can check all 3 reports AND scores every 24 hours - and again it's thanks to a thread on

[009] What's this "Linux and why should I try it - Articles like this one remind me that yes, I need to break out of my cozy box since there is an alternative to Microsoft other than Apple - and it'll work on regular PCs.
I'm so happy that you liked Gakuen Alice. I thought that was an adorable anime. ^_____^
Yes it was! There are many shoujo anime that make me laugh like that - my all time favorite is Kare Kano, but that one is...unique XD On the lookout for more now. Lucky Star seems a bit blahish but I'm about to play Minami-ke *fingers crossed*

There needs to be a site where you can type in an anime and a list of recs will be provided of similar anime - we'd know what to look for (or avoid!)
As always, your links are much appreciated.

Also, I downloaded opera for the first time last night, and am ready to customise. I'm checking out your tags for opera, immediately. :*
Yay, opera! Unfortunately I haven't properly tagged my entries in ages so, you might miss a couple posts :(

I think I scare people when I do the bullet list >__> TMI I think.
Paragraphs scare me. So... :P

Opera is very spiffy. I was using Safari AND Firefox because I need to be logged into two Google accounts at the same time, but now I'm trying to use Opera instead of Firefox.

So far I've found two things you might like:

Adblock list:

Fix for Google Docs:

I'm having trouble getting the latter to work on my mac, but I'm still working on it. Query: can I be logged into two google accounts at the same time with Opera? Something about pages... ?
Do check out the opera skins since there are a couple that just rock :)

I adore adblock and just updated it a month ago! It's very cool that firefox and opera users can both benefit from it ♥

I don't really use google docs so I'm pretty clueless on that issue ^__^''
I've worked with Linux for uni and some things were good, but others weren't so great. I had Fedora, which is one of the big distributions, and I searched the net for a few days to find an mp3 player. And when i found it, I couldn't install it. It could be me not being smart enough, but I think you shouldn't give up on Windows completely until you're certain Linux is ok for you.

Votes on the color poll :)
I know I'll be installing Linux in the future but not for a long, long time - people might bash Vista to hell, but it's been such a lifesaver after XP - I've had to reformat my laptop at least three times with XP, not to mention numerous crashes. With Vista? Everything is so smooth it's like I'm on an OS that's high on some electronic aphrodisiacs. It's beautiful.

Yay, color poll vote!
I found a great Linux, which you can try without risking Windows doom and which works great for me.
I installed it yesterday and made some comments here
I thought I commented on that post! Oh yeah, I wanted to figure out if my most used programs will work on Linux and I hadnt commented yet since I hadn't made a list of them yet XD

I know opera is on it as well as semagic (lj posting client) and photoshop and being able to see videos...I've got to decide if it'll be my alternative OS when I want something quick and fast or my prmary one, to replace Vista for everything except MS Office...
I use Microsoft's Visual Studio for work, and that's obviously not supported, but I'm thinking there might a program which allows win apps to be installed on linux.
And if that doesn't exist, I'll try to find a virtual machine for Linux and see if I can't fix some things that way.

I'm very happy with Linux's performances, especially considering that my comp is a pretty old one (Intel Pentium 2.4 GHz with 768 MB RAM)
No, there are two types of pulls: soft pulls and hard pulls. Hard pulls, which happen when companies do credit cecks for applications et all, can lower your score. Soft pulls, like when you check your own score, have absolutely no effect at all on your credit score.

Keeping track of the scores/reports helped me to find ways to actually raise them by a 100+ points over the past 9 months - 'cause you need your reports to be able to dispute incorrect info in the reports...