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Design Inspire Contest

libgirl pointed out the Design Inspire Contest and I decided to do a quick submission here. It's a competition where winners are chosen from 30 of the most popular banners - so if you like it and think it's worth it and don't mind doing me a favor...could y'all vote? It would mean a lot to me. Probably don't have a chance of winning but...*hopes*

Voted! It's very pretty. :)

p.s I am way behind on those graphics I owe you, will attempt to finish them by next week. ♥
Thanks ♥

OMG, that poll I posted on mintyapple was for the opal layout - I'm actually doing research in a way for colorschemes - here are three I played around with: light, medium and dark I was planning on doing about 10 to 20 colorschemes like that and have peeps vote on which they would use - and then merge that with your graphics...
- (Anonymous)
Actually, there's a popular page where the most popular banner has 200+ votes so...still have a way to go. To be considered, one's banner needs to be in the top 30...and since the competition is till April, who knows? I try not to get my hopes up in this case, haha

The header was something I did in December but never shared and this was the perfect time to do so :)

If I'm going to lose, I'd rather lose to brilliant banners by talented people rather than people whose blogs are read by many, many people (which seems to be the case now) - I mean, I came in 3rd for the mintyapple layout contest this past month but I didn't have a problem with it since grrliz's winning entry was wonderful for the community. I'd rather good entries get posted and people actively vote ^__^

Thanks so much for the feedback btw \o/
Oh, I'm glad you saw that! I read that and the first person I thought of was you! :D

Your design is lovely, makes me think of the Aurora Borealis. Gorgeous. And, of course, I voted. :D
btw, right now you have over 100 votes and you're part of the most popular banners slideshow on the front page--so I'd say you're doing fine ;).