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I did the mockups for the layout colorschemes and the final poll is here @ mintyapple. So if you'd like to have a say as to what colors get used in the next layout, do choose your favorites!

And I checked the Design to Inspire Contest and Light FX II is #3 on the popular page! You guys just rock ♥ -even if it doesn't last and the entry gets booted from the popular page by April - seeing that totally made my weekend *__* Thank you so much.

dyoselin ate at the Burj - OMG, SHE ATE AT THE BURJ - there are pretty photos and the food gives me hunger pangs. My dad's company worked on the construction of it (the metal/welding) and so we ended up driving to see it before and after it went up. Never got around to going in though. BUT, SO PRETTY. See, this is why I'm so underwhelmed by most hotels in the USA :/

Oh and sinfest's comic strip for today? It gave me a happy feeling inside.

Lastly, this particular pic of maderr's cat, Pumpernickel turned me into a pile of mush. AWWWWWWW.

I am such a cat person XD