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The World Cup

It's almost here - in the next 24 hours, hd_worldcup is going to start posting. There's been a drought IMO, when it comes to Harry/Draco - esecially since I'm staying clear of the WIPs at the moment - but I can already see the excitement on the f-list for the fest *__*

Something that got me incredibly excited today was seeing irrevokable's H/D responses to lillithium's 100 shipper questions meme. Haven't read it all yet, but so far my head's just been going "yes, yes, yes."

I know, very similar to orgasmic bliss. Oh fandom, what you do to me ♥
I know! I am so excited (and nervous) about this fest! :D
I'm just so happy about all the H/D to come - it's gotten to the point where while I adore epilogue!fic, ANY H/D fics are going to make me go crazy happy :)
*laughs* Yeah, everyone seems to be writing WIPs and fest fics! Er, myself included! LOL

I am very excited to see what all teams have served up! It was great working with my team mates. According to what I've read (in Team Fanon anyway! lol) we'r all in for quite a treat! :D

On a side note, thanks so much for that file of PhotoShop2! This is one of the many reasons I'm so glad you're on my flist! ♥
I've learnt my lesson with WIPs and now I wait till they're finished before reading them - which means very little ficcage at the moment ;__;

There are so many awesome authors on every team! I really have high expectations on quality 'cause yes peeps are competitive especially for their OTPs XD

Haha, your welcome :) That and Office are the two programs I think nearly everyone should have...
aw yay! :D let me know when you've read it because I'd most certainly love to hear some of your opinions and thoughts ♥

and I knowww, I'm so excited for hd_worldcup. I have a feeling it's all I'm going to be doing during my radio show tomorrow, haha.
Wil do, definitely :) I'd never finish writing 100 responses myself but reading 'em is infinitely easier haha. My favorite so far has got to be Draco falling in love first - agreed. And yet Harry would confess first and most likely IMO Draco would not want to admit it until then or would be in such denial HAHAHAHA