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There is Scorpius/James/Teddy fic.

Excuse me while I collapse into a pile of mush.

Life is blessed.

ETA: My gushing, rambling and not very coherent comment is here

Characterization, storyline and smut IS ALL AMAZING. This is more than I could ever hope for.

Oh and as who_la_hoop says, "Even if you think you won't enjoy this pairing (well, threesome), I rudely politely suggest that HELL YES YOU WILL :D"
Yeah, I just commented and I want to know who the author is so I can fangirl them to BITS OMG, I AM IN LOVE.
Ah! I read that fic last night and thought it was brilliant! I have a feeling I've read the writer before, I just can't put my finger on who she/he is...
Since there's so little J/S, that might be the case - especially with H/D as the background pairing. ARGH, when is the reveal? DAMN IT.
This threesome is making me drool! I've bookmarked it for tomorrow. Thank you!
Thank you for reccing this fic, it was awesome. I have never really read much from either of the characters, BUT THAT IS ALL GOING TO CHANGE!

As always, thanks for leading us to the best new pieces that are out.
Unfortunately Scorpius/James is a rare pair *curses AS/S* so it's rather hard to find quality fic with them - but I'm glad these recs are proving useful!
GUH, thank you so much for this rec. That was the best fic I've read in months. *needs to read more*
I know, wasn't it just fabulous? I keep equating it to food and my mind is going "delicious" *facepalm* But yeah, one yummy fic.