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This year...

...LJ has given me a newfound hatred for April Fools day. I know I'm gullible but damn it, some things you don't joke about.

Oh yeah, and this isn't about anything in particular but just various jokes yesterday that weren't funny really - and most were on livejournal.
Just lots of different jokes that weren't funny. Things that scared me, disappointed me and shocked me and made me feel extremely low when I found they were just jokes. Bloody hell, some peep's brands of humor are MEAN.
Oh man...I know what you mean. People just don't have limits and sense for other people's feelings. My friend tricked me with some joke about uni, and it was something so specific and something he knew I had problem with, and I think my heart stopped for a moment, because it was so easily possible.

I wish that Anj's death was joke...T_T
Yeah, that's the worst part of it - the jokes in some ways could actually happen or has happened in some cases so until it's revealed, there's a part of your mind freaking out and screaming.

Death is something I hope nobody every jokes about on april 1st, god.
I think I missed most of it. My f-list are pretty mature and normal for the most part, so don't pull lame-ass shit. (that means I don't know what upset you but whatever it is should just go away)

Yeah, it was more about different comms than individual peeps - 'cause they're the ones that had me in a panic. Plus, the april fools notice doesn't go up till quite a bit of time has passed. So *shakes fist*

Just wanted to have a reminder for next year, that yes, don't go online on April 1st.
*nods* A lot of my friends did that, but then again, a lot didn't. I wasn't online due to being in the hospital *shakes fist at them* and then went to bed early, so when I got up, I found damned nearly everyone had posted something. @.@ (hello skip=100!) But again, luckily the comms that would even think of pulling that, I don't watch so didn't get suckered. (cuz I'm like that too...)

My flist didn't have much in the way of April Fool's jokes at all this year -- it was mostly tributes to Anj, actually, except from people who didn't know her (I don't have many of those on my flist).

But I agree, some people take things too far. But that's true on any day, not just AFD.
Yeah, on one hand there were the Anj tributes, the few hdwc posts and then there were the shocking posts that turned out to be jokes in poor taste.

But I agree, some people take things too far. But that's true on any day, not just AFD.

That's kinda the reason I fell for them - 'cause the supposed jokes do happen and in some cases, quite often. So my mind was going "hell, that was not funny" *sigh*
I got rickrolled about fifteen times, but yeah, some things should never be April Fool's fodder. EVER.
I've never been fond of April Fools Day, too many people take it as an excuse to be mean. :p
Some jokes were easy to brush off but others were sort of like - the perpetrators kinda go "Ha, ha, IN YOUR FACE. You are so pwned" And I'm just like " Ok, that was in definite poor taste" But that was mainly with the comms though

I just couldn't resist, lol. And it is, officially, the first and only time I have ever done an April Fool's joke, no joke. I'm just so incredibly bad at lying, and generally can't bear to psych people out, but I reckon it's only fic... I actually had to get people to PROOFREAD my header so it would seem serious.

I didn't see any other jokes, though, so I don't know which ones were in poor taste, but I totally believe you. I heard of one that was deleted by the time I got home.

It's okay - yours was a quick shock (though yes, me be very gullible)

The ones that bugged mostly were the big comms *sigh*

OMG, proof read? Okay I'm grinning now haha

♥ Next AFD, I'll just be more distracted...
How I Avoided April's Fools:

Stayed off the internet by unintentionally almost gouging my left eye out. Seriously, worst joke I ever played on myself.
I'm a clumsy soul! I was hanging out clothes and bent down to get another shirt, when the one I just hung out kind of grabbed my glasses and dragged it across my face and the nose piece thing? It dug into my eye. Hurt like a FUCKER, huge bloodshot in there now...
I tend to wear glasses more that contacts too and stuff like that sucks. I've only had clothes pull my glasses off and fling them across the room though >__>

Constantly having to clean smears, argh - but it's nice to be able to read in bed and just pull off your specs and go to sleep rather than having to make a trip to the sink...
I don't mind wearing glasses, but I wish for the day that I can afford Lasik or permanent lenses on my eyeballs or something. Trying to find your glasses somewhere under the bed (this happens more than I think it should) is not funny. Worse than being Rickrolled.
Oh Lasik is like laser hair treatments - I don't see them anywhere except in the far, far future.

I always end up moving furniture so there is a table next to the bed - blindness is not an option XD
I totally understand. Last year I was so devastated by some the "pranks" that people pulled. LJ themselves, and google, were pretty funny, but that was it for me.

Most of the time it seems like people use it as a time to be mean or behave mean-spiritedly and pass it off as a joke. That's just not funny to me and never has been. :(

I'm sorry that you were hurt this year. ~hugs~
Well, I was offline on April 1st, so all "jokes" were already revealed as such, when I saw them. Don't know, how I would have reacted then and there.
I don't like playing April fools in general.