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neversleeps did a meme, listing the characters you would have sex with.

I'd love to do that meme except...I can't even imagine having sex with any characters. I can perhaps imagine watching them have sex and being a voyeur - or that pervy watcher behind a one way mirror who may or may not direct their actions with another character - but actually having sex with them? Hmm..

And I admit - I might include a woman or two in a list like this - Faith from the Buffy series is one of those characters hot enough that it goes passed gender. And I wouldn't mind putting her in the middle of a threesome with Dean Winchester and Captain Jack Harkness.

The worst thing is that most of the other characters I can think of don't actually have actors/actresses representing them: Edward Elric, Toshiro Hitsugaya, Rogue, Naruto...hmm, maybe that's why I adore looking at cosplay photos so much...

I am sad that the post is locked and I can't steal it because I have totally been looking for a meme like that for EVER!
This is the meme:

THE RULES: List ten fictional characters you would have sex with (in no particular order) and tag five people to do the same.

Enjoy ^__^
If I had to list 10 characters I would love to watch having sex with another character, it would be impossible. There would definitely be girls involved. Hell, there probably should have been girls involved in that meme.
Oh yes, and at some point you're like, to hell with it, dump those characters together, spike the punch and hello orgy :)

This seems so easy to me:
- Doctor Who (9th or 10th doctor)
- Capt. Jack Harkness
- Jon Brandis's character in Seaquest
- Hawkeye Pierce from MASH
- BJ Hunnicutt from MASH
- Frasier
- Cpt. Jean-Luc Picard (hells yes!)
- Chaoktay from Voyager

They are all the epitomy of sexiness to me.
I don't know why but while some guys will look hot no matter what situations, others I tend to stay clear of from a sexual light - it becomes a moment of "Oh my god, my eyes, THEY BURN" and I want to scrub my brain.

The one exception seems to be far east asian males...I don't know, some of those naruto!cosplayers look jailbait hot *cheeks burning*
I rather be a perv and watch them have sex with each other... wait, that came out wrong. Um.
I think its all the really hot fic where we're pretty much living wallpaper, watching everything in the room >__> And we're hoping the author thinks like we do and its like "ok, now blow job, yeah tug his eair - make eye contact now - good, good..."

*covers cheeks* Umm, yeah - we're definitely in the same group.
I totally agree with the wallpaper statement. Really its like who needs live action when you can live in a slutty world of your own making where all the hot anime guys (and some girls) are having wild orgies and you get front row seats.

*stares off into space and fans face*