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Movie Recommendation: Mr. Holland's Opus

This movie made me cry. WAIT! It isn't *sad* at all - its moving, brilliant and altogether wonderful. It's life at its best. I didn't expect it to be such an experience - Netflix recommended it and since its usually on the ball when it comes to getting my tastes right - I tried it out.

Mr. Holland's Opus - yes, odd name and before watching the film I didn't even know what an 'opus' was. The movie is about a music teacher - the life story of a guy when he begins teaching music. He doesn't get rich or famous...yet you can't help hoping you get as much out of life as he has. Because...

Darn it, I can't be eloquent immediately after such a truly amazing experience.

It reminds me of Remember the Titans, Forest Gump, Pay It Forward, etc. in the kind of emotions it evokes.

That's it. I'm buying the dvd. Go watch it and see for yourselves.

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