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Food, laughter and smut

[001] How do you improve on jello shots? Here's one way I really want to try. Though, I admit I haven't even had regular jello shots (something that needs fixing asap)

[002] It's timelines like this that made me glad I could never watch Lost.

[003] If you've wondered what a fusion of tarot cards and HP would look like, check out ellygator's gallery on deviantart - each card has a HP character and includes an explanation on how it all works :)

[004] Smashing Magazine has listed some of the most gorgeous light effects tutorials. I wonder how popular these trends will be in the next few months...

[005] Going through some old pages, I rediscovered an old comic strip by sherant - even if you're not into slash, the final panel is a killer *snickers madly*

[006] I stumbled onto a Kanda/Allen fic by sutlers - featuring a veela!Allen. It's cracky, and hot and laugh out loud funny, so if you're familiar with D.Gray-man, check it out!

[007] How cars are made - a shiny wallpaper that manages to be smutty too - I marvel at humanity's ability to focus on the umm, more enjoyable parts of life >__>

[008] Before I forget, here's a list of some of the best picture editing sites online: photoshop express, fotoflexer, picasa, picnik, aviary and splashup. slash_eater has a breakdown of the first four over here. Never has my icon been more appropriate XD

[009] OMG, The Land Before Time! Ah, the memories this brings back ;__;

[010] Have been catching up with Naruto manga and I'm wondering whether Itachi will turn out to be the Snape of the naruto!verse - that he wasn't just a homicidal psychopath but might have ulterior motives for his actions *wonders*
Oh, Jello shots. Yum. I had some at a party a while back and they are so good. I think they're actually the easiest way to get drunk but also the most fun. XD

I laughed. So. Hard. At the Snape/Draco comic. XD I wish every fandom could have such brilliant people as the HP fandom.

And thanks for the DGM rec. Best thing I've read in awhile.
I want to get drunk (since I never have) and jello shots seem to be the solution XD

I KNOW - I just think of Hedwig and her expression at the end and I LOL

Who'd have thought Veela!Allen would work so well *fans self*
Oh yeah. They taste great and you don't even really taste the alcohol.

I sent the link to a friend of mine and she nearly died laughing. XD

Right? LOL And Kanda/Allen is my favorite pairing in the fandom so it was a nice bonus to read them. Kanda is kind of woobie when he's trying to be tough.

Oh and I wanted to way, re: your comment about Itachi? I really hope not. I don't know why, I mean. I guess I just hate when they pull the old switcheroo like that. He was evil but oh, wait, not really. I think it's that the Naruto manga always manages to make me emo over the characters. LOL I don't want to be emo anymore!
I was thinking of substituting the alcohol with rum but in that case \o/

YAY - everytime I think of voyeur!harry and hedwig...hahahahaha

Definitely not enough Kanda/Allen - though sutlers has so much more than most...

I have a feeling that when sasuke has a show down with his ancestor he'll see visions of what happened between Itachi and the dude - and there's always a suprise (or a dozen) in Naruto so my gut's telling me it's coming. That last flick from Itachi jus gave me a sick sense of foreboding that oh my god, what if sasuke doesn't know everything yet.
I just read that Veela!Allen fic yesterday and to see you rec it, what a small world.
Haha, there aren't too many peeps who write Kanda/Allen really :)

In other news - just watched the raw of Ep 1 of Macross Frontier - I CAN'T WAIT FOR NEXT WEEK *__*
The problem is whenever I find a Kanda/Allen fic, Allen turns out to be this meek, submissive person around Kanda which I really hate. He's not some shoujo story girl!

I'm still waiting for the sub. ;_; They're playing with the Alto/Ranka/Sheryl hints there in the OP credit.

Anything that successfully fucks with my mind like that show does gets an A+ in my book, which isn't worth anything, but I love a good mindfuck. It is such a good mindfuck of a show. Oh man I can't wait for it to come back.

And I am so bookmarking that tutorial page. Aces! Thanks so much!