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Yes, unabashed Draco!fangirl

Sneak peaks of Half Blood Prince - the only reason I'm watching it is for the 2 seconds from 56-58 where we see Draco. Shut up.

On another note, have I mentioned how every time I load hd_worldcup, I get this happy feeling inside because it's my layout? My mind just goes "EEEEE!"

Though it's a constant reminder that I need to get around to sharing the code when fully optimized...
Ohhh that reminds me that I need to implement the corrected code that you emailed us. You sent it on April 1st so...I kind of assumed that it was a prank and that it would rickroll us all or something. XD And I didn't have the time to comb through the coding by hand to double check. *wanders off*
Lol, I kept forgetting it was April 1st - hence falling for a number of pranks myself XD I even got rickrolled today *headdesk*

All you need to do is delete the CSS code in the text box and instead put the web link (just like how you did it for insanejournal) and voila, they'll both match :)
Oh and looking at the updated version on LJ, I added more padding so there's more breathing room between entries (should be viewable on lj) - but yay, everything's looking fine :)
Draco! That was him, wasn't it? But it's so brief! I am despairing of ever seeing him for more than 2 minutes on screen now.
It was almost too short to justify this post but I COULDN'T HELP IT. And damn, Felton cuts a fine suit *__*

There are so many scenes - the room of requirement, the party, the tower, the sectumsempra. For once they can't axe Draco's scenes without cutting into the plot. Even if they give focus to the Harry/Ginny romance, it'll be like with the GoF film where all I can really remember is the feret!scene haha. Selective memory FTW XD

I still fear though that they've cut the bathroom scene - they haven't cast Myrtle so far, have they? Omitting that scene would be... inexcusable, wouldn't it?
IMO, sectumsempra is needed for the plot (just don't ask me to explain it) I expect to remember very few moments in the movie - primarily those with Slytherins.

And my god, I thought Hermione was supposed to be a bushy haired brunnette - why on earth is she a sleek blond? Emma Grant's hair is the color of burnished gold, argh.
IMO, sectumsempra is needed for the plot

I totally agree, it's definitely a crucial scene, for many reasons!

But then, I thought that all the occlumency scenes in OotP were essential too, and see what they made of them. *sighs* The continuous labelling of HBP as an "romantic comedy" doesn't cause my hopes to soar...

Emma Watson is just getting worse and worse with every movie, imo, and not only look-wise. She was way to pretty for Hermione to begin with, but then, the supergirl!attitudes from PoA onwards just assassinated a character I really like in the books.