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Choked on my drink... Mood Theme

Was looking at several foreign sites, and my god asia has some of the cutest emoticons:




Looking at these, I kinda want to customize them for lj mood themes >__>

Download all 83 emoticons over HERE or HERE (small zip file)

Oh and on a side note, I'm updating the H/D Directory of Rec Lists (after nearly a year, I know)

ETA: goshdarnheck posted up a mood theme of these over here
THOSE ARE SO CUTE! You're right -- they would make great LJ mood theme images.
*nods head till it falls off* Yup! I have no problem with peeps snagging, renaming the icons and sharing as mood themes :) Because it's PERFECT for it.
Hm, I think I'll attempt to make this into a mood theme.....just because.

Thanks for uploading these!
That is awesome! Are you gonna share it? 'Cause I'll totally link to that post XD Or if you're not planning on putting it up for sharing on your own lj, I can put it up here - either way is fine :)
Eek! Adorable! I've been looking for the full set for a while now. Thanks so much.
Those are so adorable! (of course I snagged 'em *grins*)

<3333 Thanks so much. They're just so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute.

I would totally, uh, use (I was going to say buy) those if you did that!
ariesjen might be making a mood theme XD Will drop you a note if she does post it up :)
I *love* the emoticons. You're working on that mood theme, yes? ;)

You're updating it? You are a brave and wonderful woman. :D !!!!