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hd_worldcup: Tarot Prompt - Justice

Read the fics during lunch (sushi!) and I would have gotten this up faster if not for HW, but there's no escaping it :(

"Justice Upright - Amicable and favourable resolution of conflicts. Triumph over bigotry and prejudice. Legal action. Litigation. Contracts. Settlement. Divorce. Sometimes marriage depending upon the other cards and normally only when marriage contracts, legal or financial documents are a necessary part of the intended union. Clarity. Fairness. Arbitration. A straightforward choice. Judgement.

Justice Reversed - Injustice. Inequality and bias. Separations not yet ratified or legalised. Delay. imbalance. Confusion surrounding legal or tax affairs. Complicate negotiations. unfair or delayed judgement." -

When I think H/D, I think passion and humor and antagonism and hope. The justice prompt seems to be the antithesis of it - its hard to explain. Basically, the fics for this round had a hard time really getting the message of the prompt across while also fully developing the H/D relationship; one would come through but usually at the expense of the other. Having said that, the fics are still worth checking out IMO

The One with the Matchmaking Ball
Matchmaker -- Team EWE
The first fic in the fest that wasn't my cup of tea. The thing is, while the fic keeps canon up till the last chapter of book 7, characterization and interaction are very much on the fanon end and a tad too saccharine. I did enjoy it when Harry got turned into a sheep though. I just wish the author could have explained how the fic connects with the justice prompt since there didn't seem to be much of a link.

The One Where Narcissa Saves Her Family
Darkness Is Not the Absence of Light -- Team Canon
This fic took a more literal approach to the tarrot prompt since it focused on the justice system immediately after the war. I have to admit that in comparison to the previous fic, the interaction between Narcissa and Harry just felt more real to me. The characterization and interaction clicked into place.

I liked that Narcissa was the mastermind behind getting her family out. I'm glad Draco was left in the dark about her manipulations and bribes. And about the dark, the family crypt scene made H/D smut possible when I had initially thought it just wouldn't happen. I did feel bad for our two boys because Draco was a bit of a pawn and Harry was definitely used for other people's machinations. I'm just happy that Harry probably doesn't owe Narcissa a life debt anymore. Justice was definitely evident in this fic, both upright and reverse.

The end worked but like a few other fics so far it felt like it had been cut off before the final resolution; Harry had yet to really break things off with Ginny and I don't think one argument was enough to put the situation with Draco to rest. I mean, fast forward a few months and we could still get a H/D ending. But ultimately I think it was because more focus was given to satisfying the prompt which caused the romance thread to unravel. The fic felt more like gen!fic with a sprinkle of H/D on the side. IMO it could have survived even without the H/D.

The one where Draco Has To Fix Things in Time
Should the Sky Fall -- Team Fanon
This fic had justice in the form of a spell...and we all know how reliable magic is, right? So by the end of the fic, Harry is dead. Now, I normally hate death!fics, but this fic was another instance of gen!fic with a side of slash. Harry's death drove home the theme of justice and it served its purpose. Yet, while we had interaction between Harry and Draco - there wasn't enough development of their relationship IMO. The spell took Draco 5 years back in time to give Harry guidance and support emotionally but it was all a means to an end - the fall of Voldemort.

It was at this point that I realised that the justice tarot is pretty much the prompt from hell.

The One with Draco as a Hit Man an Assassin
An Interpretation on Justice -- Team Epilogue
First let me say that the concept for this is BRILLIANT. It sort of had a bit of Alias running through it, and the introduction to the Department of Internal Affairs was LOVE. It made me think of Hitch-hiker's Guide to the Galaxy, it really did.

I got hooked early on - I mean, Pansy as a professor? I giggled. How could I not love it at that point? And while there is death in this fic too, it's Ginny's so I had no problem reading it. Astoria as an assassin was great. I like that Draco isn't shown as a home recker- in fact for the past two epilogue!fics, the guys Harry slept with were other men. I kinda like the change. Harry finding out he's gay and falling in love with Draco don't have to go hand in hand.

The ending IMO is the best out of the four fics. I like the way there are still questions - who put Ginny's name on the List and who killed her? These were left unanswered but really, that's life. What I really appreciated was Harry and Draco getting together but not at the end of the fic. We know it's going to happen, just not yet. And even though it's been left to our imaginations, I'm okay with that.

There were a few things that were off. The extreme antagonism between Ginny and Harry came out of left field. And I don't quite understand how Draco's code of ethics allowed him to kill Wood. While the Hit Man concept did bring justice into question, the idea of taking people's lives without a trial, the weakness of this system to exploitation - none of this is really explored in depth. In that way it doesn't quite capture the justice prompt. Scorpius' actions in the fic might make up for that though.

Overall while the execution of the fic and the storyline were good, it felt like the interaction and dialogue could have been developed more. A bit more attention to details and a bit more length, especially for the H/D. This fic seems to need just a bit more oomph to get it to be a real favorite of mine. But in any case, it's my pick for the round.

My Top Teams for Justice: Team Epilogue followed by Team Canon

All Tarot Prompts can be found via the fests tag.

My masterlist of recs for hd_worldcup can be found here
ILU. <3 <3 <3

Man... *flails* Must. Not. Say. Things. But thank you so much for your lovely review of our humble entry. You realize how much I love you, right? Team Epilogue's lone cheerleader? lol.
I don't know, the Epilogue fics just seem to *work* for me and I guess it really shows when I write these posts haha

In future, there might be fics from the other teams that pwn everything but so far, Team Epilogue is very, very shiny *__*

hd_wc kind of opened my eyes though because I wasn't aware how many people were really wary of Epilogue!fics or in a few cases, just don't read them. It feels so...sad. Because the fics are just awesome and its not like death!fic where H/D never get to be together - but rather the opposite, where despite EVERYTHING JKR has thrown at us, we've still been able to take it all and make the H/D ship even better.

The Lone Cheerleader...*headdesk* But it might fit, argh XD
Oh, I, unfortunately, went into it knowing this bias people had. I told my team upfront that the epilogue was both our strength (giving our stories structure, next gen!) and handicap, simply because a lot of people won't read an epilogue-compliant story, for a number of reasons. It wasn't the most popular statement, but I stand by the fact that it is TRUE. The epilogue is largely unpopular among H/Ders, and a lot of people won't give it a chance.

That said, some of my favorite-post DH fic has been epilogue compliant, and I know there are many readers like you who are totally up for reading our stories. I think we're bringing a strong slate -- I've been delighted that those cards were the first to go up, and I can promise you we have some more fantastic offerings (not just saying that because I'm captain!). In fact, I'd say those that have already gone up are our heavier things, and a good third are much lighter fare. I'm excited to see how things pan out.
I admit, immediately after reading book 7, the thought of epilogue fics made me run for the hills - 'cause the next gen seemed so cliched. But then there were fics like femmequixotic's The Years that Walk Between - and I remembered that I'd actually *wanted* grown up Harry & Draco fics where one or both had kids. It was just the initial packaging that looked ghastly. And fandom is supremely gifted at making things work.

(You talking about things to come is not helping my impatience at ALL)

OOOH, more recs! You know, it saves me from plowing through the entire list of fics and I can always be sure of what you rec will be good.
Lol, while I'm trying not to say anything I wouldn't say to friends (anon fics are HELL, omg) I still want to just say my honest reaction to each fic. I wouldn't be comfortable saying everything in comments to the fics...but on my own lj? It's fairly liberating XD

Feel free to tell me what ya think after you're done :)
I only managed to finish one fic here. The Team Epilogue fic left me hanging. There's, like you said, so many stuff left unexplained, and I'm just not quite satisfied with the ending.

I am, however, delighted at the children, namely Scorpius and Albus portrayed in here.

Now off to read the rest!
I'm hoping the author comes back to it and works out the kinks - behind it does have potential and a bit more H/D and background on the Wood and Ginny sub plot would go a long way. You can tell for some fics that a bit more pollishing and time would really be great - this is one of them.

I'm reading a bit of original slash now to get off the h/d wave :) Of course will be back for more on tuesday though, lol XD

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I got the impression that Matchmaker dealt with the "marriage contract" end of justice--that and the fact that it was the Malfoy's "contract" with the land that had gotten them into the whole mess in the first place. I do agree with you, though--I went in expecting an EWE story, and ended up double-checking which team it was for upon finishing, as it felt fanon from beginning to end.
There's a point where fics get too fanon for me and they don't feel like the Harry and Draco in my head. Matchmaker unfortunately fell into that category. I admit I did skim certain parts and ended up missing details - such as the land contract. But that could just be personal preference so...*shrugs*
I went in expecting an EWE story, and ended up double-checking which team it was for upon finishing, as it felt fanon from beginning to end.

Well Team EWE can have fics that are both canon and fanon so it still works for the team. But yeah most of the fics in this fest are usually at least two labels, not one though they're written for one team - they can be either canon or fanon + EWE or Epilogue (or in the case of fanon, complete AUs)
I suppose my biggest issue with the story was that everything felt too... easy. I know it's five years into the future (though I admittedly forgot that halfway into reading the fic), but there was no opposition from any corner, and there was a convenient loophole in Polyjuice, Narcissa conveniently listened to most of Harry's ideas, Lucius was conveniently nice... there was a convenient egg donor (am I right in assuming that was supposed to be Katie Bell?). Harry conveniently had only passing qualms about getting pregnant.

It was also ever so slightly jarring that the furthest fanon piece I've read so far this fest was for team EWE. ::shrugs:: It just... wasn't really what I was expecting, I suppose.
I just wanted to pop by and tell you how much I'm enjoying your reviews. Thanks for doing this :)
Haha, I initially angsted over the thought of doing my own reviews/comment bits and I even made a rambling post about it last Tuesday - I'm glad there are peeps who are enjoying it or/and finding them useful :)

(And there'll definitely be peeps who don't agree with my opinions, but I wanna get my words out for me too XD)
I definitely think readers should be allowed to say why they liked and/or didn't like a story. It's all in how it's expressed. Unlike other folks, I haven't been offended by any of the comments I've read so far (with the exception of a couple obvious ones), but I also haven't read them all. But regardless, I think you're setting a terrific example of what a respectful and thoughtful review looks like. So, I appreciate them for that as well as for their insights. Looking forward to seeing your take on tomorrow's round :)
Yeah, most of the time wank isn't caused so much by what is said but the words used to say it >__>

I kinda wrote these so I could discuss fics with the flist but I'm thinking there are more peeps now who are using them to figure out what fics to try

But regardless, I think you're setting a terrific example of what a respectful and thoughtful review looks like.

BEST FB EVER ♥ Have gone ahead and posted today's round :)
'ear, 'ear *g* I've been stalking her, too - all these awesome reviews end up on my bookmarks list. Thought I'd better 'fess up!

And I just re-read your fic, the 'Kiss' - I'd forgotten how it ended, and was therefore crushed when I finished reading it :(

You're on Team Epilogue, aren't you? I don't suppose you can tell me who wrote that fic "Take A Sad Song (And Make It Better)" which happens to be my favourite for now (I've read all stories posted)? Or 'Riptide', my second favourite? *is trying to be sneaky and fails*
'ear, 'ear *g* I've been stalking her, too - all these awesome reviews end up on my bookmarks list. Thought I'd better 'fess up!


Based on a one or two things, IMO, Take a Sad Song was written by femmequixotic - though we can have hunreds of theories and until the final reveal we won't really get a confirmation of any of them >__> Damn anon fests :/
Based on a one or two things - you mean, based on that one very incriminating sentence in one of her posts? *smirk* *glee* I guess you might be on to something.
Lol, my powers of deduction are very limited - I saw word counts and my mind went "!!!"
LOL! Yes, sorry to say, but you fail at sneaky. As do I :) We can keep each other company in our fandom corner.

And you poor thing! Crushed flat by The Kiss, not just once, but twice! *gives you some restoring chocolate and a hug*
- (Anonymous)
I hadn't thought peeps would use these posts to help figure out which fics to read - since they all have spoilers and well, are all just opinions - but if it means you'll take the time to check out more fics, then awesome

Feel free to friend! You can alternatively track my recs or fest tag to get notices of updates...

I'm kinda surprised by the reception these posts have gotten >__>
Wow, thanks! If you're just interested in the reviews you can always just track my recs/fest tags instead but feel free to stick aroung ^__^
I'll definitely stick around :) I already knew your rec lists, and I'm sure there are other things I'll be happy to discover.