Goss (gossymer) wrote,

New Anime: The Tower of Druaga ~ the Aegis of Uruk


How often do you find an anime that has a hysterically funny parody for a first episode as well shiny graphics and designs? IMO, it's bloody rare.

I watched the Tower of Druaga - the Aegis of Uruk (subbed) on youtube. And a few minutes in and I was already cackling.

The anime started this month and carameltrap just recced it on her lj - she pointed out several amazing seiyuus who are part of the cast, "Orikasa Fumiko (Rukia, Bleach), Ishida Akira (Athrun, GSD), Sakurai Takahiro (Alzeid, Hatenkou Yugi)...Yukana (CC, Code Gay-ass Geass), etc. Check out the rest of the cast list here."

For the Gundam Wing fans on the f-list? Watch this because THEY PARODY THE SCENE WITH HEERO PUNCHING DUO ♥

But basially? They've parodied everything fantasy/action/sci fi related and it rocked.

And one of the characters looks enough like Sasuke (except with a quiver of arrows) that my eyes went *__*

Y'all probably know that Gonzo has started streaming the episodes off Bost TV as SOON AS IT AIRS. The price? Well the first episode is free - and then it's $2 an episode, which isn't half bad come to think of it.

It's over here if you want to check it out. Remember to sign up and add it to your librry first. You also get notes of what shows have been parodied too.

On Veoh: Here or Here
On Youtube: Here or Here

Official English Site

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