Goss (gossymer) wrote,

Musings on the HP movie...

I'm reading all these positive reviews- and I'm extremely psyched since I'm seeing the movie tomorrow- and a bit sad.

This is because I have never more been a Draco lover.

I miss Draco- since his roles in book 4 and 5 and miniscule...hopefully, I'm thinking they'll probably have a bit more of him in movie 5 to pave the way for movie 6...maybe.

There's a LOT of alternative slashing ideas going around which in all truth makes the slasher in me rejoice, though the Draco lover side is hiding in a closet, rockign back and forth waiting for it to end....since he's not in these pairings. It's Harry/Ron or Harry/Cedric or Ron/Krum...damnit, get Draco in there- menage a trois can work just as well...

Yes I have an unhealthy interest in draco...but that's because I'm not getting my regular dosage from premieres, photo shoots or anything...no TOM.

And damnit, I liked Tom Felton fromt he moment he showed up in "anna and the King". He's 18 now (one year younger than moi ^__^), and I don't want him to grow out of the role...

*heavy sigh* The movieverse is so different fromt the books- my feeling towards the twins (who I hate usually in the books) and Dumbledore(who is unique and amazing in the books) might end up getting switched around...

I'm drawing this line in between the movieverse and book world and hopefully try to focus on the Patil twins or something...character development is all good...just wish it was not at the expense of my favorite character.

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