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Spring 2008 Anime - The List

Definitely Watching

Going to Check Out
  • Amatsuki ⇒ the RAW ep 1 seems fine, but lets see how it progresses.
  • Nabari no Ou ⇒ ♥ am watching the first episode WITHOUT subs and I'm laughing. Can't wait for the fansub.
  • Real Drive ⇒ really like the design...the one anime to make me yell "oh, SHIT" - just need the subs so I can understand what's going on >__>
  • The Tower of Druaga: Aegis of Uruk ⇒ ♥ the first episode

  • Kure-nai ⇒ a bit mysterious but could really be good. The pacing is a bit slow now though.
  • Library War aka Toshokan Senso ⇒ A love of books along with humor...not too bad ^__^
  • Special A ⇒ Gah, a bit too shoujo for me >__>

Might Try
  • Blassreiter ⇒ did not like
  • Crystal Blaze ⇒ Ugh, one too many naked women and no strong male leads
  • Monochrome Factor ⇒ the cheesy!shounen-ai moments had me facepalming, but hey, I'm a slasher - might watch it anyway.
  • Soul Eater ⇒ it's okay but not amazing just yet - the design isn't my cup of tea either.
  • Itazura na Kiss ⇒ drama was better so I'm skipping the anime.
  • Vampire Knight ⇒ Why does the girl have to be so shoujo!generic, argh. Might watch just for Zero though - he seems pretty cool.

I'm hoping Amatsuki and Real Drive will turn out to be good but it's been a while since I've had a season where I like a lot of the new shows out :/

Anyone watching any of the sping line up?
Thanks for the list! I haven't tried anything new but I think I'll keep an eye out for Nabari no Ou subs now.
I was really impatient to just check them out (since I'd no idea how the animation and pacing and storyline would be) so far it seems pretty good but...I kinda miss Oofuri :(
I didn't know there was a Nabari no Ou anime! I used to follow the manga and thought it was pretty good. Awesome! :D
There were a couple of yaoi!jokes that made me giggle, esp considering its more of a shounen anime. But it seems to be pretty good :)
Do you know who is going to sub xxxHolic? I know it was supposed to air on the 3rd of this month but. I guess I forgot to check. ><; (I've been dying for this series to come back for the longest!)
I'm a member of and they have the first ep subbed via Shinseb-subs, if that's any help ^__^ First episode feels extremely short so I actually recommend waiting for ep 2 (if you have the patience) and watching them back to back.
Yeah. I might as well. The next one should be coming out tomorrow I think and then a day or two for the next sub (hopefully). Thanks for the info! :D
No probs :) I was clutching my hair at the end of ep 1 and thinking that's it? MORE!
On Amatsuki: the anime has to make more sense than the manga. It has to. Because I've read every scan of the manga there is (up to volume 4 or so?) and I still have largely no idea exactly what is going on.
haha, I think it's one of those mangas that you need 50+ chapters before you really get what's going on...for some things it just makes sense to follow the anime instead.
Agreed. Macross F = ♥♥♥

Aside from Macross F, xxHOLiC Kei, Druaga and Soul Eater, I will be checking out Crystal Blade once that airs and subbed. There's also the boylove series, Junjou Romantica but there's a chance it might not be subbed. :/

I've realised that as long as the graphics are pretty and the plot keeps moving, I'll watch almost anything shounen - though there aren't too many I love. Hmm, that reminds me - should post a list of 2007 anime I liked...

Wish I knew what the art for Crystal Blaze is like - all the poster has is that stupid gun >__<

I've watch most yaoi OVAs, and Junjou Romantica will be no different - but it doesn't have 12+ episodes right? I just listed stuff that had a complete season here...

Nobari has potential as does Amatsuki and Real Drive but it usually takes 4 to 8 episodes of an anime for me to drop stuff like those.
Junjou Romantica is actually scheduled to have 24 episodes. The voices aren't too shabby and the animation is fairly smooth, as yaoi stuff goes. I feel it's worth a watch, just for Misaki, the uke (he's adorable <3), and the two other, secondary pairings, whom imo, are even sweeter than the main one (although they have their moments).

.....but then again, the manga is one of my favourite yaoi ones, so I'm kinda biased... (it is cheesy at times, though)

I like how the characters have actual faults and quirks, that at times makes me want to throttle them, for being morons. But then they get all cute and lovey-dovey, and I can't help cooing. Well, maybe they're heavier on the smexing than the lovey-dovey, to be quite honest... ^^; it'll be fun to see how they solve the smexing (no real action in the first ep), since that's where the animations are usually the crappiest.

sorry about the random post, I just couldn't let mention of that series pass... I'll fade back into the darkness from whence I came now.
Everything is on my list to check out. So far, the only thing I know I'm definitely watching is Code Geass R2.
Yeah, for some reason my mind associates Code Geass with soap operas and I can't seem to watch it after those first 3 episodes *sigh*

Out of all of 'em I think Macross F gave me the most orgasmic joy (cause I grew up watching Robotech) but I do hope Noburi et all turn out to be decent shows...
is xxxHolic different then xxxHolic Kei? I'm so confused... is it new? didn't they make an animated xxxHolic already?

I'm liking Gintama, since it's so reminiscent of Samurai Champloo and Samurai 7. A very silly anime. I'm not sure if it has a plot yet, or whether it'll ring like Rurouni Kenshin or Samurai Deeper (where it goes on forever), but it's pretty hilarious in the meanwhile.
xxxHolic: kei is the second season! So it continues from where xxxHolic ends.

Have watched the first ep of Gintama but for some reason the voice of the main guy rubs me wrong - no idea why.

Rurouni Kenshin is ♥
;_; I couldn't stand the animation for xxxHolic... it was so choppy, and everything looked so bland.

though... if it has a second season, surely there must be a good reason to watch it now...

True, but his sidekicks make everything all the more entertaining!

:0 my introduction to rurouni kenshin was an OVA. *tramatized!*
I downloaded the whole Rurouni Kenshin series via Da-Anime XD But I think the manga was better...

The whole reason for watching xxxHolic is...*points to icon*
Had to drop in and comment, dear, because I am an anime and manga FREAK. Especially the yaoi/shonen-ai, haha, but does that really surprise you?

I am unfamiliar with most of the shows you have mentioned, but I HAD to comment in favor of the Vampire Knight manga, at least. I didn't realize it was a show too! That's so awesome.

Okay, the manga: at first it sort of has that "hmm, maybe I've been here and done this" feel. But that fades quickly into an intriguing story that does include the predictable harem anime lineup (one gal, two or more guys vying for her attention...)..... However. The vampire theory gets more interesting with each book I read, and I really do like the main characters. Zero is DEFINITELY one to watch! He's easily my favorite, but the girl, Yuki, surprised me by being very likable: she may fit that shoujo stereotype, but her heart is golden in a deeper way. She's complicated, and I admit that even though I can sometimes predict where the story might be heading, I am not sure about this one, and that's a nice feeling! I of course can only speak for the manga and not the animation, but if the animation holds the beauty of the manga and the intrigue of the unfolding storyline, then it's worth a watch.

Let me know!
The shows are all brand new for spring and some of them don't even have subs yet, lol - my favorites so far are Macross Frontier, Druaga and Nabari :)

Vampire Knight kinda falls in line with the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer - I probably would have loved it in highschool, but the manga didn't quite click with me. I really, really like Zero but...that's about it lol.

I like shoujo where the girls have characters that kinda pop - Kare Kano (His & Her Circumstances) was definitely like that and Sunako in The Wallflower manga has me in stitches with laughter XD

The reverse harem situation does work but in this case, I found myself skipping to the bishounen scenes particularly zero's. I'll probably keep up with the next couple of episodes of the anime just 'cause of him - but knowing me, by the 9th or 10th episode my attention will have shrunk to the anime that have me spazzing like crazy XD

Manga and anime are kinda like romance novels I think - everyone has their own thing that works...I think I'm a shounen girl more than shoujo...