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How far can you fall...

Just some of the ways to be extremely nosy:
*is guilty*

ETA: Google Analytics Integration on LJ planned since 2006.
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Too. Many. Numbers.

My mind stopped processing after the .23 XD

Though I do like the way the tool says the person is being stalked by X number of people haha
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The reason I gave the post the title I did is 'cause I am totally guilty of pretty much all of it - especially with everything in one lj instead of creating comms.

I have all three counters though they're in the top right scrollbox on this lj - no one really notices it >__>

(So in the same boat as you but some people tend to think of it as an invasion of privacy)
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I think that's possible if you own the site and use javascript et all (and even find out search strings people use to find your posts in the first place) and perhaps its a good thing LJ doesn't give us THAT much functionality, lol.
These are great! I will probably use at least a couple of them. *guilty look*
Hehe, those don't look so bad at a quick glance. I do think some trackers are a tad creepy though - I don't really want someone tracking exactly which entries of theirs I looked at, and at what time. That strikes me as... a bit over the top. Not that I'm a creepy journal stalker, hitting on entries multiple times, hehe, I just think it's a bit OTT. LJ Toys lets you do that, and it does make me feel a bit uncomfortable :/
I don't mind time of load and pase specification as long as we aren't linking them up to the individual people themselves. Because I do wonder if people are looking at the layouts or the recs etc. And there can be a sudden spike in popularity...for instance, one of old picspams of a Korean actress is getting hits again...months after posting it O__O And where do all the peeps find the Supernatural Rec List Directory? I don't have it obviously linked on this lj >_>
Hehe, sounds like you're using it in a non-creepy way, fandom productive way, which is fine. (LJ Toys does link it up with usernames, and if it's an off-LJ viewer, IP addresses. I used it for about a day before getting creeped out - it felt like spying on my f-list!)
There'll probably come a time where curiosity will get the better of me and I'll wanna give that a try, but right now, I'm ducky ^__^
Do you know which of the visitor stat counters shows where people came from on your LJ? I tried using statcounter (since that's what I have on my website) but the referring URLs were always blank on LJ.
Y'know, I always figured that was something that needed javascript or something, because yeah those urls are always blank >__> I want to know, but it can also be a good thing that we can't track peeps back to where we can perhaps identify who they are...

*is still curious*
Getting referring URLs is pretty much the only reason I have a statcounter. I don't care about anything else (though it is neat to see all those little flags show up on my worldmap), I just want to know who's been linking to me.
Hmm, I think the scripts needed to get that working won't work on LJ >__> Perhaps on one's own site or own blog platform like wordpress...but I'm not sure of another solution...
I love statcounters. It's faszinating to see where visitors come from and by what road. But the only reason I use joule about once a month is that otherwise I'd never notice if someone adds/removes my journal.

On the other hand, I very much do not want the internal LJ tracker (I think it's been introduced in the Russian sector awhile back as a test or something) to become widespread. The idea that it automatically attaches LJ names to every visitor makes me so, so queasy.
Its when the tracking information crosses the line to find out people's identities that we get rather wiggy.

I like the idea of Google Analytics 'cause it would allow for a lot of tracking without going too far IMO. And it's now the norm on a number of blogging sites and websites...