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How far can you fall...

Just some of the ways to be extremely nosy:
*is guilty*

ETA: Google Analytics Integration on LJ planned since 2006.
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Y'know, I always figured that was something that needed javascript or something, because yeah those urls are always blank >__> I want to know, but it can also be a good thing that we can't track peeps back to where we can perhaps identify who they are...

*is still curious*
Getting referring URLs is pretty much the only reason I have a statcounter. I don't care about anything else (though it is neat to see all those little flags show up on my worldmap), I just want to know who's been linking to me.
Hmm, I think the scripts needed to get that working won't work on LJ >__> Perhaps on one's own site or own blog platform like wordpress...but I'm not sure of another solution...