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How far can you fall...

Just some of the ways to be extremely nosy:
*is guilty*

ETA: Google Analytics Integration on LJ planned since 2006.
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I love statcounters. It's faszinating to see where visitors come from and by what road. But the only reason I use joule about once a month is that otherwise I'd never notice if someone adds/removes my journal.

On the other hand, I very much do not want the internal LJ tracker (I think it's been introduced in the Russian sector awhile back as a test or something) to become widespread. The idea that it automatically attaches LJ names to every visitor makes me so, so queasy.
Its when the tracking information crosses the line to find out people's identities that we get rather wiggy.

I like the idea of Google Analytics 'cause it would allow for a lot of tracking without going too far IMO. And it's now the norm on a number of blogging sites and websites...