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Layout Reboot...

...but not of my layout XD Instead I took my current Expressive layout, stripped out the images and changed several things...the result is at maderr's lj.

If y'all have the time, check it out and tell me if anything looks weird

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- (Anonymous)
Yay, thanks! I tested in out in all my browsers but I always worry about older systems and software >__>
- (Anonymous)
Hahaha, my Q was mainly because what works on my computer, can look misaligned or formatted wrong in other systems - I usually spam the f-list so people can check for bugs I haven't found yet - especially on alternative browsers, operating systems and older computers...

But thanks for the FB \o/ I might get around to sharing the codes later - though it'll probably work best with paid accounts I think...
fine in IE7. The comments page, friends, and image all work out fine.
LOL - I wish Fai were the main character in TRC - then I'd at least read the darn series...

Looks great in Safari.

One little thing: the post links (comment, memories, etc) for the post on APR. 12TH, 2008 AT 3:40 PM, are out of alignment? The rest look centered, and this one is just a tab's width to the right? Maybe it doesn't look that way to you though.

Otherwise, it's awesome.
I think it's because the bottom of the post's icon is down in the same line as the links. Don't know if that's a big deal or not.
HAHAHAHA - well, I noticed you use custom comment pages and therefore have a paid account - I can definitely whip up something if you ever are in the mood for a change...
LOL, it's a layout for paid accounts though (since it uses layers for certain tweaks) and most people seem to be getting rid of their paid accounts at the moment...
Opera 9.2 something (second to last version) likes it just fine.
I try not to implement a layout that breaks in Opera - 'cause that usually means it's not quite standards compliant >__>
Works fine in Firefox, on Linux, on an ASUS eee PC -- super tiny screen and all that jazz.
I love that. So clean and bright. I am also a fan of having everything nice and neat right at the top in with a scroll bar like that.
I think my staple layout is horizontal menu on the top with entries that can be centralised - damn, I need to be more innovative >__>

It's really the same layout as my own just with a different colorscheme ultimately.
I worked on the code in firefox and then checked it out in Opera and IE - so I'm *hoping* all the bugs have been fixed...
I think it looks awsome. I love the light colors, and the lightness of it all.
Really cool :)
Every time I stumble upon your LJ my jaw hits the floor. Hear the thud?


The layout are just... awe-inspiring. So now, after stumbling upon you several times, I will friend you. No need to friend me back, if you don't find me interesting or anything. I will however read your stuffs. :-)

See you around. ;-)