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Layout Reboot...

...but not of my layout XD Instead I took my current Expressive layout, stripped out the images and changed several things...the result is at maderr's lj.

If y'all have the time, check it out and tell me if anything looks weird

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Ok, well, in this post, I'm really digging the Grey + mint blue+green+brown; I DO love the swirly design on maderr's layout, it's so pretty. The part I adore about that is the image that stays put when you're reading whatever is behind the cut. I don't know about anybody else, but for some reason it really gives my eyes some sort of help while reading (and I'm reading maderr's stuff, which is awesome btw).

I thought I wouldn't like a mostly-white layout, but I do. Especially because of the static image, which soothes it out a bit.

I still don't know what type of image I would like there. I know I wouldn't want any characters, but I really like abstract stuff, like probably a continuation of whatever design used at the top.

And the scrolling boxes. One day, I MUST write an ode to the scrolls!

/insane rambling about layouts

ETA: Aaaand apparently I have replied in the wrong place.

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image options
Ok, I have some abstract images I can put on the right - would you like any of these bellow?

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

And would you like me to stick to the mintblue, green and brown colorscheme?
Re: image options
Wow, these are amazing. I opened them all and fell in love with the first one as soon as I saw it. It's kind of delicate and yet solid and strong at the same time. I think I would like the colour-scheme to match the graphic.

*is breathless with excitement*
Re: *drumroll*
I'm so delighted, I spent about ten minutes just staring at it. Those flowers worked out so well, I just... *grins*

The only things I want changed is, I don't need a header, although that one is so pretty, can I use it in my profile? And can I make the center panel, the white part, wider? Will that affect the flowers?


You are so amazing to do this for me. Oh, I must repay you in fic! Prompt me, bebe!

ETA: Oh! email!

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Re: *drumroll*
Oh, I must repay you in fic! Prompt me, bebe!

Gah, no fic needed! Am currently drowning under all the H/D - though if you ever feel the urge to write James/Scorpius in the far, far future...\o/