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Layout Reboot...

...but not of my layout XD Instead I took my current Expressive layout, stripped out the images and changed several things...the result is at maderr's lj.

If y'all have the time, check it out and tell me if anything looks weird

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Looks great in Safari.

One little thing: the post links (comment, memories, etc) for the post on APR. 12TH, 2008 AT 3:40 PM, are out of alignment? The rest look centered, and this one is just a tab's width to the right? Maybe it doesn't look that way to you though.

Otherwise, it's awesome.
I think it's because the bottom of the post's icon is down in the same line as the links. Don't know if that's a big deal or not.
I can get rid of that prob by doing min-height for the entry contents, but for now it's 'kay - have made note of it for future though so thanks!