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Layout Reboot...

...but not of my layout XD Instead I took my current Expressive layout, stripped out the images and changed several things...the result is at maderr's lj.

If y'all have the time, check it out and tell me if anything looks weird

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HAHAHAHA - well, I noticed you use custom comment pages and therefore have a paid account - I can definitely whip up something if you ever are in the mood for a change...
*stares at you*

No, no. Seriously? Because I was here, eagerly awaiting new layout posts from you so that I could see if my layout would be changed. I mean, I ADORE my scrolling boxes, I hang onto them with a death grip any time I even THINK about a change and I would be so grateful if you'd whip up something.

I'm over here squeeing, I cannot tell you how hard this squee is. It hurts, the level of squee.

Umm, I AM in the mood! And I'm REALLY into maderr's layout, with the tiny icons and the fixed image to one side. Everything is so perfect about it, because it has a lovely title and subtitle layout, with the scrolling boxed (*pets scrolling boxes*). I probably wouldn't want an image of a person, but I love the images you do for headers, especially that last abstract one you did.

My goodness, STILL with the squee.
I have no probs sharing this layout with friends - but public sharing would take time because I'd need to really check for possibly odd code + it's a paid account layout using layers.

What image would you like on the side? And do you have two or three main colors you'd like for the layout?

Here are three past colorscheme polls to help:

Or you could always ust focus on choosing an image and we'll figure out colors after that :)

By abstract do you mean the one I did for the design contest or like flower/swirly ones like the one on maderr's layout>?

Hahaha - I know you'd make good use of the codes - plus snce I've use it myself I've worked out the kinks (Expressive is prob the best layout on LJ, seriously)